Does Anyone go out to watch Away Games?

Where to?

Usually buffalo wild wings on Centennial. Only bad comment is they play the music too load. Cant have a conversation.

Sometimes I head over to Buddy's Roadhouse on King near Ottawa, for Wings, brew and the game

Also a great place.
My pregame wings are usually at leghorns at Baltimore. Best wings eva! Try the meateator pizza

lol fixed it for ya... 8)

I will give them a try for sure... right on the corner from me


Haha stupid auto correct. I find their hours kinda weird. They werent open last saturdays game?!

I grew up on Grosvenor

Hate to say, but Leghorn's is closed. Kim and her husband sold the business and building, the deal closed earlier this month. :frowning:

Back to Buddy's I guess...

:( :thdn:

Usually either Buffalo Wild Wings on Centennial, which is the official meeting place, or the Boston Pizza at Centre Mall.

Usually I stay at Rancho Relaxo with a number of brown pops and various cholesterol-delivery systems...

:D :D :D

I also go to the Peel Pub periodically to see the Als denizens in their natural habitat. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,



That sucks :cry:

Peel pub? Isnt it difficult to watch the game while there are strippers on stage?

Ryan, the Peel Pub is a sports bar. Chez Paree is where there's is...peeling. LOL :wink:

Haha. Actually a pretty good name for a strip club. The peel pub

I get my game day wings from Dominion Pizza on grays and barton best wings anywhere in the city then watch it at home on my 60 inch HD :slight_smile:

Most places don't play the audio which is a deal breaker for me, and if theres a hockey game on or the game is on a Sunday you can forget it.

If your inclined to go out Wild Wings is the place. Both locations in Ancaster and Centennial pkwy have team sponsored events with cheerleaders, giveaways, and other fans watching the game.

Aaaah Buddy's! Opened and maybe still operated by one of my dads old friends, Budimir "Buddy" Stefanovic! I need to ask my father if he still owns the place.....It's The first establishment where I legally had my first adult beverage right after my 19th birthday! So many good memories from there I hope to visit there sometime again soon 8)