Does anyone from the CFL even read these forums?

After seeing hundreds of posts... listening to dozens of requests/wishes/ideas... and seeing countless issues discussed and debated... you gotta wonder.

Does anyone within the CFL even bother reading these forums? Or are they just more for our own personal amusement?

Do you think any people who run the CFL come on here to see what we have to say?

Winnipeg deserves an NHL team!

They are for OUR personal amusements.

Expansion, rules,and running of the business are done by paid proffesional consultants, not fans, who tend to look at things from a one viewpoint opinion.

Maybe the odd player may drop around and take a peek, but I doubt that an owner or Commissioner would come here for advice.

no .. i have a hard time believing i read this crap.


But it makes us feel like we're important thinking someone out there might be reading what we're saying. 8)

I do bet some journalists read the stuff for ideas for their articles, that wouldn't surprise me in the least. But players, coaches, CFL admin people, management etc. it's all a bit of a laugh for them I'm sure, like any discussion board, that is if, like the topic reads, anyone of these people do read our pearls of wisdom we write here which I doubt they do really. :wink:

They used to but got sick of all the expansion threads and left. :wink:

Absolutely. The Grey Cup's on myspace. We've got presidential debates on youtube. This is the new media.

I couldn't have said it better! :wink:

I wouldn't be surprised if some CFL people check in once in awhile to see what is being said, but I doubt they would post. If they do post then they certainly wouldn't identify themselves as CFL reps. Once its online its an easily accessible record.

They must be all over the "Hottest Cheerleader" thread.

I am not sure if the cfl office staff can even read

You know most the media people dont read the threads otherwise their opinions would be put here instead of on the home page. Some in the CFL office might read it, or as someone has alrady pointed out, a few players might read the comments as well. There are plenty of CFL discussion forums for anyone connected with the league to browse.

A newspaper writer once pointed out something to me that I thought was interesting. We were talking about the benefits of forums as a good source of feedback and he said that while people tend to have that opinion, it's not really accurate.

Some team and league officials are of the opinion that the boards are populated by their die-hards anyway. They're already getting your money so there's no sense in catering to your whims.

Obviously this doesn't apply to major issues. But they wouldn't need this board to be made aware of major issues anyway.

Bob Young is here often....Mainly on the ticat site though

I think many who run the CFL come and check out the forums.
Come on , this is Canada and this is the official forum. Its not like they have better things to do.
I see these guys all the time and they are no different than any of us. Except for maybe guys like Mr Asper,lol

I dunno about the owners, except for Bob of course, but I think the office staff, the people who run things, I assume under the commisioner, are still learning how to use computers. I get the feeling they are all part timers who put very little time and thought into the actual functioning of the CFL and

.....i believe CFL management peruses anything written or spoken about our game...whether they take anything 'serious' about what they read in forums is probably a stretch.....HOWEVER.... i have read some sports journalists comments...and swear they borrowed some content from this forum and others for their various media out-lets.....I don't think forums in general should ever fill themselves up with their self importance (if any)....just informative fun....and if CFL management can garner 'anything' from that.....GRRRREAT....are you listening..or reading in this case, CFL ADMIN. :lol:

Come to think of it, I do remember last year, Chris Cuthbert mentioned a poll he saw here. I know he is not "the league" but its nice to know someone reads it.

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I thought the last word there FYB was masterbeater until I read it closer. 8)

exactly :thup:

and it was no typo either :wink:

I think the Commish got his idea for a “youth council” from this forum.