Does anyone else.......

Everytime I’ve tried logging in it won’t let me, but now it says I’m logged in. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

yes, I found that when you log on and check it off to auto log you on will do this. The best way is while you have do this an you are online save it as a favorite and then use the favorite link and this will get you in everytime with out logging in or problems logging in. I find if you do not do this you will not log in or it takes a long time before you get logged in.

just dont log out, then you dont have to log back in, and push remember me. and you have to be using mozilla

Craziest thing I’ve ever seen…Happens to me too!

Has anyone else e-mail the site (not like they will do anything) about this problem?? Because this has been pissing me off to no end for the last month. In fact, today was the first day I have ever been able to get on this stupid site!

I tried emailing notEZ and it just came back as undeliverable. I was having a similar problem, thought I would use a different name and password and it worked except that I ended up with two log in names and passwords. I have not had a problem though since I checked the "remember me " box

Sometimes the techs will answer you. Ron gave me some advice one time and there is another tech that starts with a C. Be patient…they may read your request…

simple solution…get Mozilla FireFox, push Remember Me, pop up comes up push YES (turn off opo up blockers), and thats the end to logging in.