Does anyone else think that the coaches have lost the room?

that the coaches have lost the room?

I've heard that players are ignoring the coaching staff on the sidelines during games. Perhaps this is why we are under achieving. Players will not play for coaches they do not respect.

It's as good an explanation as any other I've heard for this seasons mess


yes, its sad to say but I think they have...

I do not know if that is true but in any case, no matter what they think of the coaches, there is no excuse to ever not play 100% 100% of the time.

If this is what is happening with the players, then any guilty player should be given the boot, even if their attitude towards the coaches is justified.

if so which i believe it to be true like i said in a other post u dont like it here GET OUT

Yes I do!

And I'll tell you where I noticed it...

It was on Labour Day,and our stellar defence nade a rare stop (I can't remember which quarter)...JV DC,Casey Creehan, was out on the field doing fist pumps and high fives and Creehan tries to give Jamaal Johnson a high five...

Johnson kinda went through the motions and then seems to look back at him in disbelief...

Right then I thought to myself,at for the key players on our defence,the Defensive Coordinator had lost his credibility...

I think this has washed over to the other side of the ball...

I only get to see the games on TV but the way the guys are on and off the field reminds me of when I played ball. Our team (for lack of better words) never melted into a unit, it was a team of individuals and it was no wonder that we only won a single game that year. I think Hamilton is the same way, a bunch of guys that look the same but each doing their own thing. It has been a very disappointing season hasn't it.

I find it hard to believe that any professional athlete would allow personal feelings toward a coach influence his teams success. The players, even if they don’t like or respect their coach, should play for each other and take professional pride in winning, not for the coach, but for themselves and their fans.

Professional athletes, in this case football players, need to put aside personal feelings toward management etc. and if they cannot, it will definetly affect their performance.

While I agree with what you're saying in principle, why is it that some coaches seem to get more from their players & teams? If every professional player performs exactly the same no matter who the coach is, then why have some coaches had much greater success than others? It's not always the X's & O's, it's also the Jimmy's & Joe's. There are coaches who motivate - Tomlin. There are others who command respect - Coughlin. There are those that do both - Bellichek. These are just 3 current example from the NFL. Unfortunately I don't see either of these qualities with Cortez and the player in today's CFL.

You're quite correct that some teams just want to put out for their coaches. These are superior coaches who are excellent leaders, motivators, reward players for top performance, treat all players fairly, and above all, take the crap if they lose and pass on the praise if they win. Don't see too much of that here. Not all players can rise above poor coaching but , unfortunately, become bogged down by it.

Why some coaches have greater success than others? That could take up a whole new thread. But I'm not denying that playing for a coach that you respect, and probably like as a person, is a great motivator to do well for them, as well as your team.

Good examples from NFL, my favs were Shula, Lombardi, Landry.

It shouldn't be hard to believe at all. It works the exact same ways as employee/employer relationships at work and student/teacher relationships at school. If a coach is not knowledgeable, doesn't command respect, give motivation, doesn't utilize players properly, doesn't treat players fairly, or is abusive, or whatever, it will affect the players and since football is a team sport/job whatever you want to call it, it will be more apparent on the field since these emotions spread like cancer. That's why we talk about things like a team's morale when we talk about football. At the end of the day these "professional athletes" are human beings collecting their paycheques and probably not enjoying going to work very much, especially when the whole world is watching their every moves.

And yes I do believe the players have stopped responding to the coaches and this has been happening since after week two when we heard about all the locker room trouble. Just look at the bullshit "protect the coaches and don't say too much" answers the players give to the media and the body language the players have when on the field and especially around the coaches. Avon especially this week has alluded to the fact that the coaches stink and even had to correct certain things he said in the post game interview.

i say its hi time mosca ealey sutherin hitchcock etc etc kicked the coaches outta the locker room and had a alumni meeting with the team. Give them a breif history of how great it is to be a ticat in this city and how the fans react to a team that plays with pride and intense. Actually have the coaches sit in on it they can afford to learn a thing or too

A coach can yell at the players, try to motivate, explain the culture and history, command respect, treat the players like men / like college players, and on and on. None of that will create talent and work ethic in a player. They either have it or they don't. Creehan and Cortez have the players they inherited and they can only change the team by way of personelle changes. All the yelling and motivating in the world can't make a more talented player.

While this is true, I do think that if two coaches are given the same amount of talent there are coaches who can get more out of their players. I think that all the coaches at this level are good at the x's and o's. (Cortez may be better than most, there have been some nice wrinkles he has installed.) However the great coaches can also inspire their team to play for each other and achieve more than just talent might allow. Think of the coach at McMaster. They may not have had equal talent compared to Laval but he got them in a psychological state such that they were ready to be giant killers. I'm thinking that this is where Cortez may be lacking. the players don't seem to be interested in playing for him or for each other. Now I know that they are professionals andthe comparison to a university team is suspect at best but, at the heart of it they are playing a game and they need to be doing it for more than just a paycheque if they are to be successful.

Can’t blame them on defense for sure.

I think anyone who plays professional football should have to read charge of the light brigade and let the fans and management take care of the coaches.

Players are human beings, not robots. If you really think that they should play at a high level, all the time, regardless of their personal feelings or what they think of the coach's system, you are thinking in cliché and sports gobbledygook.

defensive players are not running the schemes, setups and defences that are being called from the sideline, apparently. calls are going in and are being ignored. multiple times.
maybe the players don't get it that to diss their coordinator is to disrespect the head coach.
they perhaps don't get it that no one is bigger than the team.
if you don't respect your coordinator, shut up. play hard. do your best. and let the evidence speak for itself.
i don't know what happens from here. does cortez step in? can creehan fix relations with his players? i doubt it.

i think cortez should take a meeting with his defence. in one pocket he should have plane tickets, in another he should have player releases ready to be signed, with a van outside, warming up for a ride to the airport.
he should say: if you are not buying in, you are checking out.

this team is in total disarray and dysfunctional.
thanks for the fabulous last year at ivor wynne!

Source? I haven't read anything about this, but then I don't read everything that's printed about the team, so it's quite possible I just missed it.

If true, that would be grounds for being benched at the least, and possibly released. If you don't buy in to the scheme, if you start freelancing, the whole defence will fall apart. And it might look like someone else's mistake to those of us without access to the playbook and the calls.

I would agree with your solution, if the situation is as you describe. Thing is, the last word of the first sentence of your post looms large: "apparently". That means it's a rumour.

no, not a rumour. it's reality. sorry.
(i used 'apparently' on purpose; i don't want to -- nor do i have to -- give a source or sources.)
however, what to do going forward? i was wondering if this incident will harm cortez's ability to attract coordinators or assistants in future. because we know cortez and his hefty four-year contract aren't going anywhere.
will he be seen as allowing his coordinators to twist in the wind (by not stepping in and letting players run the show) or as allowing his coordinators the latitude to succeed or fail on their own)?
a passing thought: do you see any player anywhere giving this kind of guff to greg marshall, our ex-defensive coordinator?
nah, didn't think so.
they didn't mock him when he was here previously (or elsewhere); nor would they if he were to be here in 2013.