does anyone care about what we want??

I think rider fans will be in for a serious disappointment next year. It has already been proven that head coach/gm partnerships do not do well here, and as far as signing Austin what was he thinking!!! Austin was fired from toronto because of his arrogance and lack of leadership ability. He was not liked there, for most he is not thought fondly of here either from past years. After all the years of bleeding green, getting past the leagues jokes about Saskatchewan, and now this. I hope I am wrong but i can see the riders being 7-11 next year under laurel and hardy's leadership. As far as Vanstone's comments i wish he would post some of his opinions elsewhere, I find it depressing to read him in the star phoenix. :thdn:

So 8326 you don't like Austin, granted a coach/gm friendship may prove to be the weak link here but thats where it stops .Austin has done great things on the field and there is nothing wrong with his accomplishments in Toronto,if Toronto wanted to shake things up do you think Pinball was going to be the one What you call arrogance i call desire and motivation.Yeh Danny was a nice guy, SO WHAT!!!! He was terrible at making good football decisions. Austin pulls no punches and by that i mean you will find the most talented and deserving players will be in the game and not on the practise roster,and from a fans perspective i can't ask for anything more.............GO RIDERS

Hold your horses, the season has not even started maybe Austin will bring an offense that can stretch the ball more than 6 yards at a time, maybee even some imagination, something we have not seen since ???????

tillman was on ridervill and talked about austin in was rita that wanted austin out.austin didnt want ricky either but rita put his foot down there is other stuff to but to long to list but all the coaching staff and players all loved kent ask damen allen.

Look for the Riders to have a better season in 2007. Regardless of how anyone feels about Austin, he may just be the chemistry needed to make the Riders a tough team to beat.

I must ask--does the author of this post know what he is talking about? I thought Kent was the fall guy in Toronto, and their offence was nothing to write home about for the whole season. Only when Bishop was put in did the Argo offence show any signs of life. Austin was not my first choice for a new Rider head coach, but now he is the new coach, and he should be given the chance to show what he can actually be as a head coach in this league. I agree with deflated(surprise,surprise), Austin will put the players in place who deserve to play , and not show loyalty to the vets who just go through the motions in games. It is something that has been sorely missing around here for a number of years, and it is high time that some vets get challenged to hang on their jobs. We need players who want to play, and not some players who say, "it doesnt matter how I play, I will still be here next week". We as Rider fans, have to give Austin the chance to show the fans that he is worthy to be the head coach of this team.

Frankly, the Argos offence has never been anything to write home about during the entire time Austin was the OC there; the Argos always won on their defence, not their offence.

On that basis Austin would not have been my hire. However, Tillman gets paid to make that choice, not me; so let's see what happens.

If the GMS thought the same way this guy does, no head coach would ever coach a second team. They all get fired for one reason or another and most get rehired somewhere else.

We haven't been that great on offense these last few seasons so just wait and see what he has to offer