Does anyone believe the politically correct?

Just “spitballing!”
Does anyone believe all the “politically correct” players wishing the best for guys who are competing for their jobs/livelihood? I played hockey, football, baseball, curling, track and field, etc. back in the last millennium…way back in the last millennium. And, while bonds were created with teammates, my competitive nature never allowed me to want a guy, who was competing for my position, to do well…at least not well enough to demote me. And, for the brief time that I wrote sports news, I don’t recall interviewing any player, who I truly believed were “rooting” for a guy that could take his job…not withstanding his claim to the contrary. What do you guys think?



If you allow another player to take your job, then you weren’t good enough anyways.


True, but that was not the question. I was referencing all the comments about players competing for the same job, and pretending that they didn’t want their competition to screw up. I don’t buy that. And, I was looking for insight re: this.

I don’t think you will find much insight. Almost everyone wants to win, but they will also be polite and decent human beings about it. I don’t think it has anything to do with being politically correct. I differ from what you stated you are in your original post in that I sincerely alwas want everyone to do well and get much greater satisfaction out of beating the best and a lesson in where I need to improve by losing. To me it’s a complete myth that I can’t try to bash someone’s brain in during a competition and be unable to break bread or have a drink with them later.

And for those who feel the opposite there is also this:

I would call anyone who says they have never felt this before a liar.


Its funny, because we hear about older guys “mentoring” younger ones in the CFL. Especially at quarterback, but a lot with o-linemen, as well. I’ve never seen the logic in training one’s own potential replacement, at least not until you’ve decided to walk away on your own.

There’s being a “team guy”, and the there’s slitting your own throat. Having had the opportunity to play at a reasonable (not pro, but within visual range) level, I’ve seen guys give little tips, but never really seen anyone jeopardize their own career.


The old saying… “I taught you everything you know but I didn’t teach you everything I know” comes to mind :joy:


Tnx for your input. I have often competed vigorously with an opponent, then “broke bread” with same…actually more often shared a few pints, but I can’t ever remember vying for a spot on a team, while rooting for my competitor to do well, which may cause my demotion. In retrospect, there was one exception: a big, gangly kid, was often the brunt of bullying or intimidation. He was on the cusp of getting cut. I feigned injury in pre-season, which would likely allow him to make the team. Coach actually read off his name as a cut, then remembered my injury, and put him back on the roster. He played well enough in pre-season to keep his spot when I miraculously healed in time for the first game. I knew I had a spot anyway, and we didn’t play the same position. After the season, I told him…and here was this big teenager in tears! I’ll never forget that. But that was a “one-off.”