Does anyone believe the CFL line that the trade was kosher

Seriously, Does this league have any credibility?
Yeah clearly the trade was not part of the deal for Troy Davis. How does the league expect anyone to fall for that. Get some semblance of a backbone league. Its a bloody embarrassment and and damn shame that this league has no interest in pretending it is anything remotely resembling professional.
Shame on you. :frowning:

What are you talking about D-man? All leagues are "non credible" there is so much stuff going on it's unreal. You don't think that major league baseball has known for years that it's home run hitter are all juiced up? Of course they knew, they didn't do anything. Don't just point out the CFL.
it really doesn't matter what you or think what "probably happended". What we need to know, if we are that interested, is what "actually happended."
And the word "professional" means to get paid for doing something. So the CFL is a professional league, as much as a league like the NFL that allows teams to have sex parties on boats and give contracts to idiots like Terrell Owens.

good call, earl

Although I disagree about the concept of deferring a part of a trade to a later date, I wonder if we can call it illegal or not.

Let's imagine how it might have happened. Campbell calls the Ticats and propose the whole thing. He says "If you agree to this deal, it may not help you right away, but you are certain to have Maas next year. If you say no and wait for the season to end, then I will get the best deal I can for Maas in the offseason, and if I can find a good runner in free agency, Maas will probably not take the route to Hamilton."

Hamilton opted for the sure deal. So both Edmonton and Hamilton seemed happy with that. Who wasn't? All the other teams. But why would you want your trades to please your opponents anyways?

And what is so different from trading a player "at a later date" than trading a draft pick (which somehow means getting a player at a later date).

So was ethical? No. But was it illegal? I don't know.

Difficult when bringing ethics into this. Afterall, the CFL is a professional league that is, in effect, a business, and not everything in business is exactly ethical. Sports, though, is a different kind of business and perhaps should be more ethical than a regular type of business, I don't know. And illegal if anything can actually be proved as to what you are saying actually occurred? Again, don't know.

So what is the differents between this trade between Edmonton and Hamilton and any other trade that had the label of future considrations to it?

I cant see how it could be called illegal.
Someone made an offer and someone accepted it. Plain and simple

I agree had Maas not come in and knocked off two of three teams nothing would have been said. The Esks are the Champions! Nothing more. I hope they enjoy it this year I am sure other teams will be gunning for them next year.

I think this is hilarious. Four months ago I posted that perhaps the Esks should trade Jason Maas straight across for Troy Davis. The reponses varied from "we don't want or need the freak here" (Maas) to "Troy Davis isn't the back you need in Edmonton, you are fine with McClendon and everything in between. One thing was clear, almost none of the Ti-Cat fans wanted Jason Maas on their team.

As a matter of fact, there was very little interest in him from most of the posters of any team. Fast forward to today, the Esks are champs again and the rest are on the outside looking in, complaining about how we do things here instead of watching and learning.


A trade only needs to benefit two teams. Both teams agreed to it, because both believe it makes their respective teams better. Maas is thrilled that he's going to be a starting QB again. The league is better in that one of the best QBs in the CFL will see a lot more action next season.

If Maas were heading to Calgary or Saskatchewan, Stamp/Rider fans would be defending the validity of the deal.

They probably should have thrown "future considerations" into the deal for Davis, which Hamilton could then cash in as part of this deal. Then there could be no question about whether or not this deal was "legal."

The NHL has had similar deals like this every year. Just look at the Playoff runs.

the playoff crossover is to blame for the whole thing...........if there was no cross over, Hammer probably doesnt agree to the trade as they still have a shot at catching Ottawa for the final playoff spot.......but since they are already out of it, they have nothing to lose....

The CFL investigated and said the trade followed ALL of their policies regarding player exchanges. If anyone doesn't believe it, don't bother watching the CFL.

Who looked into Huey ha ha ha ha ha!

I see your'e back on the bandwagon. That's a little dissapointing, but then again I guess a natural reaction when the pain and embarrassment sets in from your team choking monumentally in the playoffs. You guys had our number, but couldn't cash in when it really mattered. Win that playoff game and I like your chances to win it all. In the end it doesn't matter which QB did it to you either because it was all green and gold man.

Again, this happens in sport all of the time, it is called Future Considerations. Plus, what really makes the "deal" even more legit, is how EE signed Jason to a new contract before the trade of $300,000 plus.