Does anybody know.......

An email address for Jim Hopson or Brendan Taman where i could contact them and see the possibilities of getting an invite/walk-on to their training camp. I am a receiver who wants to play in this league.

So other than the 800-odd posts on here in the last 3 years, what else have you been doing to stay in shape?

Bwahahahahaha. ^

I know you're probably not serious, or else possibly under the influence of something, but you do raise an interesting point. It would be a nifty thing to hold a walk on camp, except it would be completely flooded with hundreds of overweight people in spandex with grand delusions. But you may find that one diamond that was overlooked, doubtful though. Very doubtful. These guys live and breathe football every second of their being from the time they played pee-wee to retirement. Sounds like the movie Invincible, but even that was fiction. Papale was always playing football and was invited to tryout, he didn't walk on. But an open camp? Wow, would THAT be entertaining! Especially if it was against the practice roster guys! I would so watch that from the stands!!!! Problem is, people would get hurt, and that's bad publicity.

Case in point for the open tryouts though. Serious athletes spend their entire playing careers honing their skills, conditioning and studying. This however, is not nearly enough. You also need spectacular networking skills, starting in high school. Getting into camps (juniors, CIS, etc), is because the coach of whatever team dropped the name of one or two of his own to the powers that be. All skills/conditioning being equal, you had to been able to sell yourself, almost like politics. Failing that ability for whatever reason (maybe you shouldn't have dated his daughter, or maybe skipped one too many classes), you didn't get recognized. Attending a recent camp where a friend of mine's son was invited, we had this discussion amongst the parents. "why isn't so and so not here, he's better than that kid", etc is usually a common theme. Odds are, that kid didn't sell himself enough off the field, or didn't understand the requirements of networking. And an occasional future star gets to land in the category of never-was. God help the poor never-was whose only fault of not being recognized was because his high school coach was a complete dud himself who didn't have any respect amongst his own peers. Never mind the large group of athletes who can't play simply because they couldn't cut it academically in University or College.
Point is, if you gotta ask, it's too late for you.

I hear a pad fell off the 7 man blocking sled. Maybe you want to volunteer to fill in there?

:lol: :lol: :thup:

u know it sounds funny but a guy in wpg contacted the team last season, what works best is going down to the rider offices, if they have them? and just tell em u are a pro athlete who wants to speak with taman or miller or someone like that, im sure they'd take a look, bombers took alot at a punter last year... but.. he sucked crap. ya u arent as good as u think u are.

Gcup89 don't let these comedians bring ya down,

Back in 1980 all I wanted to do is play football, so I tried out for the high school football team, after the first practice my Coach took me aside and said; Dean, we could really use a good waterboy this season, how about it..........

My point being, go for it, what's the worst that could happen, besides destroying your confidence for years.

Okay men, time to start practicing our crack back blocks. Gcup, get in there and engage son!

Heck I played football for 8 years as a QB and I came to the realization that

A: I'm only 5'9"


B: I am Canadian.

so even if by some miracle I had been 6'2" I'd still have been on the outside looking in because I am Canadian.. I'd have to either change my position or just face the fact I can't compete.

Why would it be a miracle for you to be 6'2"? Are you a pygmy?