Does anybody in this town support the Grey Cup

I can't belive this place, what else could you possably do in November, Their are still lots of Tickets for this event left and I see no updates on the website It seems people in Winnipeg just dont care but are the first to complain when they lose teams are don't get to hold big events . there is a huge lack of hotel space which is scaring away alot of fans from coming to the game its time Bomber Fans got their heads out of their a$$es and support this Canadian tradition

Most of the people who use this message board are likely going so you're preaching to the wrong group buddy.

Hugs Grey Cup ticket

(Although they still haven't sent me it yet)

exactly what he said i got 4 tickets and becuz they don't update the website doesn't mean they are not being sold and most of the seat left to be sold are the steel ones which you'd freeze to becuz they'll be so cold people would rather sit at home then those steel seats

if your so crazy about this event why don't you buy a ticket OH! wait eskimos are gonna miss the play offs better luck next year losers hahhahahaha streaks over.

if you would have stopped the turtle you would probably be still in the hunt somebody get this guy a replay tape of turtle mans big TD run

HAHA go jdawg and Blue Dragoon. Oilerrocker you don't even know what your talking about so just don't post. cuz it is sad to see. if i don't like the bombers or the CFL please expalin to my why I am a volunteer for the Grey Cup Parade. Cuz if i didn't care it wouldn't make alot of sence. And if it wasn;t for me not paying for school I would most defenitley be going to the game. But thanx for opening your non playoff teams mouth and making yourself look like a fool.

Why should Winnipeg football fans care about the Grey Cup? Winnipeg won't be in it...

At least $100.00 to freeze your butt off and watch 2 teams you hate?

Um... no thanks.

If Winnipeg by some miracle (and it will take a miracle for them to make the Grey Cup) makes it there, I might consider going.

Well you want a NHL team but they wont make the Stanley Cup so why bother bringing them back?

oh wow... (rolls eyes).. good one!

Grey Cup tickets Section 11 Row 16 seat 33 i support :stuck_out_tongue:

wow good 1 whens the last time montreal made it past the 2nd round in the NHL playoffs or better yet whens the last time they won

Hey xdawg have you lost your mind the last canadian team to win the Stanley Cup was the Montreal Canadians
they have won more Stanley cups then any team in the NHL lets count how many cups the jets have won. 0 how many cups have the Bombers won 1 in 16 or 17 years?
you may knock my Esks sure their having a bad year but they are the class of the CFL nobody comes close in winning percentage, attendance, number of years making the playoffs, and stability no other team can beat that . the last cup the Jets have won was the Avco cup in 79 (last team to do it beat oilers in 7 )

How is that relevant?

The point is that our friend says that Winnipeg fans should not support the Grey Cup because the bombers wont be in it all the while claiming that Winnipeg fans deserve an NHL team. Don't you think that one statement contradicts the other?

If the fans say who cares about the GC if they are not in it, who is to say they wont support a new NHL team is they are not in it?

I hate hockey so trying to prove a point to me using the Canadians is a waste of your time

oilerrocker has a point. Lets not forget the last time that Winnipeg hosted the Grey Cup.

34,157 attended. A complete farce. They had to give away tickets 2 for 1.

Those numbers are lower than Esks regular season home games.

heh...EE....where you been ...laying low for awhile i guess lol....Don't worry about the Grey Cup being a success in the Peg.....from all indications it will be a sell-out...and the talent brought in for the half-time is definitely going to be better than the black-eyed peas...Guess you're kinda po'd that your team ain't gonna be around this year....oh well ...there's always next year...and the year after that and the....... :lol: :lol:

ok stat boy tell me what year montreal won it then i love how u bring up stats like the jets even know they aren't around and only had a few yrs in the NHL compared to the canadiens and how many stanley cups have the oilers won in the last 16 years make that 17 body i think 1 don't even talk when your teams are garbage too just becuz esks can win a cup in an 8 team league u think u guys are all good city of champions my ass

o heres the year montreal won it if you can't find it in your research 1992

Hey xdawg are you like 5 yrs old the Oilers have won 5 and been in 7 Stanley cup finals in 26 years they are the only expansion team (new era) to win the cup after being in the league for 5 yrs . Edmonton fans always support their teams through good times and bad (even though their isn't many bad yrs) its simple more fans = more money more money = better players .

I would like to see Winnipeg in the Grey cup as I like them better then T.O. and Montreal and it would be great for the city not so good for the league so good luck with that.

The best thing about this years Eskiblow fans will be in attendance.

They don't sell well because it's damn cold in Winterpeg in November!!

Well... checking, it is still possible to get "gold lower deck" seating. The last grey cup in winnipeg was a complete farce, and this one is half as bad. A month till the GC with only 38,000 tickets sold? If they continue to have trouble selling tickets, I wouldn't be surprised if Winnipeg never hosted another Grey Cup game(but the possibility of a new stadium could lure the GC game back).
I'm going to stand by my belief that the grey cup game should only be played at the larger stadiums in the CFL that have a large capacity, and will actually sell out: BC Place, Olympic Stadium, Rogers Centre, or Commonwealth.

Well it was damm cold in edmonton when it was there and the place was sold out for months.