Does anybody have video of the '98 eastern final game?

I've been trying forever to get video of this game, you know, ozzy's last second field goal against montreal. does anybody know where i can get a copy???

cattman77 might have one, try talking to him.

watch out...these kinda conversations usually get the nuts out who are against these kinda things.

let me know how your search goes, i've been looking for the same thing... (not that i need a tape, got that moment memorized baby! right down to the hair cut of the kid beside me, and the type of radio i had in my ear to listen to the play by play.)

I was at that game.

I will never forget Danny Mac's 3rd and inches downfield bomb to put them in field goal range for the game winner :cry:

Honestly, if you had asked me two weeks ago I would have said 'yes', but I think I recently threw out all my tapes.
Let me check and I wil let you know if I find it.

Found it.
Let me know if you still want to borrow it.

I'll never forget that of the most "electric" feelings in my life.

I don't have the 98 east semi or semi final, but I have both the 98 and 99 grey cups. I really enoy watching them every now and then...I think I'll have to dig them out and watch them this weekend.

I do have the game on DVD.

try ESPN Classic Canada