Does anybody else notice this?????

Does Calgary seem to be getting more cocky? Whats with all the running to the sidelines and putting the hands to the ear and dancin around after one tackle or first down catch? Really annoying.

Isn't that what the other 7 teams have been doing for years?

I had to laugh when reynolds got cgy's first first down and celebrated as if he scored a touchdown lol

And they lost, looks good on them I say.

Goes both ways. What was with Stevie Baggs getting up and bowing after every play he made early on? Even when Calgary had just got a 7 yard gain on first down he gets up and bows as if he had just made the defensive play of the year.

This should be an issue for the rules dept after the season, IMHO it was better in retro era no prancing around just get in the huddle :oops: However Burris,s Michael Jackson Impression??? was within the limits . Hope CFL DB,s keep G roy Simon from doing his covergirl impression LMAO :twisted:

If you're talking about the one where he kinda snaps his head to the side, that's not supposed to be Cover Girl, that's his "Superman" pose that he does for his son apparently. Doesn't really look anything like what Superman did...but whatever.

I don’t really have a problem with Simon’s celebration…though I’m glad my team won’t be watching him do it anymore this season. But Grice-Mullen’s “dance” after his TD in Hamilton was awful. I don’t think there should be a rule against it, but there ought to be a law! :lol:

Those things are brief, usually spontaneous, expressions of exuberance. I have no problem with those. But the choreographed dances just look stupid, and the league, even if it doesn’t ban them, should at least try to discourage them.

Players do seem to be celebrating catches and tackles more often, but I don’t think they should ban those, as long as they’re reasonable and not crude. Players should only do them when it’s appropriate, though, like on a first-down catch or a sack. And never if their team is losing badly.

You make a good play and you punch the air (fake boxing punch) because your pumped...give a yell....all great. You are in the game and your intense...the planned little nausiating shows on the other hand have got to go...

I don't have any problem with holding an ear to the crowd, at least I understand what it's for. What I wonder and maybe someone can help me out. What in the world was Henry Burris trying to portray with his little dance? The people around me were mixed, with some saying he was doing a silly imitation of the TD horse and some thought he was trying to imitate a gopher. I personally couldn't figure it out at all.

I don't think that my 'Cats have. :frowning:

Of course, if they HAD gotten any first downs then in might have been a different story. :slight_smile:

It reminded me of the Cobras walk out from Dodgeball.