Does any other player in the CFL have on of these?

A little outdated, but he did nothing this year so…
I think he will be the starting qb for BC next year, although I am a HUGE Dave Dickenson fan. Either way, BC needs a new O line and a new O line coach

I think Yo Murphy and Daved Benefield also have their own websites. And former Als Bruno Heppell had one too.

Cool, thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I had no Idea Yo even played in the NFL. Learn something new everyday.

People call him Warren Moon. haha. How about the BC Lions call him a backup qb. Time to take that site down.

NExt year, those pictures of him will be in a Roughrider Uniform!

Pat Woodc*ck and Jason Clermont have their own sites, too.

haha, what a joke. That website makes it look like he's won 5 grey cups already or something. He hasn't looked all that impressive this year IMO.