Does any one play this …


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I got the files!
Now I’m a certified CFL nerd!!!

It’s ON like DONKEY KONG now!

It is most likely like the Avalon Hill Games that were made for baseball .

It sounds complicated but once you know how to line up the dice with the player card played it is easy and very interesting . It would have required the producer to do tons of stat work to be somewhat accurate .

The games were really fun when you used players from the past playing against each other in baseball . Football is not so technical individually and has less a one versus one aspect like the pitcher versus hitter aspect .

All this is cerebral and cannot compete with the satisfaction and gratification of video games . The one game you have a board to see the game play but you are visualizing the game in your head .

With the new video games today the visualization is on the screen and now they keep stats (season ) for you if play in seasonal mode it has erased any work involved in enjoying this sports fantasy play .

Great article though and it's fascinating how much the CFL had effected a generation of fans when they were young . The work involved in doing this must have been a labour of love .

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It’s like Strat-O-Matic football, but better do to having more play calling capability on offense and defense.

I know Avalon Hill, and actually have a bunch of those. Victory Games and SPI are even better than those, but all are mainly war games. AH did have Paydirt, Bowl Bound, Baseball & Football Strategy; Pro Football, Baseball, & Basketball (similar to those, basketball & baseball were better than the football), and the all mighty Hall of Famer baseball.

I know way too much about that cardboard.
Putin, Xi, & Donald J Duck can fool me ……..

West Point can’t win a war cause they didn’t give me my P.G.T. Beauregard scholarship!

Iwo Jima is 8.1 m^2

Formosa (Taiwan) is 13,836 m^2

That is 13,836 square miles divided by 8.1 square miles


1708.14814815 square miles

Formosa is 2/3rds of a mountain range.

How long did Japanese have to dig in at Iwo Jima?

3 years and a few months at most

How long has Taiwan been digging in for Red China????

Since 1949,

73 years.

From my calculations & simulations!

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The fellow that does the cards for the CFL game says each yearly set takes over 325 hours to compile the data! Like watching every CFL game in the season.

Evidently The CFL has a data problem too. Some years have no freaking defensive data for individuals from even the later 1970s!

So yeah!
They can invoice us!!!

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You know what’s up!!!

It’s like Strat-O-Matic football, but better do to having more play calling capability on offense and defense.

With that does the offence throw first but with a QB rated card like the pitcher cards in baseball ...... ?

I’ve been too lackadaisical learning the rules.
I think:
Defense is called
Offense is called

You roll two pairs of dice for each
A dice for Andre Prioulx (sic)

Consult the charts

but the ?

To use the “white snow” field ????
the “green grass” field ??????

That is probably another chart for mud/ice/fog/sea serpents

I’m getting there!

My main printer is out of toner on printing 2021 season, charts, and rules.

I’m kinda of pissed off.
I wanted to print off 1956 season for a first trial run.


I am am impressed with the advanced rules
Play Selection!

I will get this correct, a mundo!

I need to get some card board stock and more toner to print on.
Build a Landsowne Field

I miss the old Saskatchewan

Put this bad boy on colored cardstock!

I’ll make Prime Ministers of the players!!!!

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Offense and defense both select plays, then throw dice, and offense die is read off the passer or rusher's card with defensive die roll read off the defense's card. The play selections also dictate which column to read on the appropriate cards.

If a pass is complete on the matrix of the passer's card versus the defensive card, then you roll on the receiver's card, which is a fault of this system to some because the receiver's card only determines the yardage of a completion and has no determination on the receiver's skill of not catching the pass as in Strat-O-Matic football, which may actually be too much a determination with just two dies of six for propability.

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Does anyone play "Cold Snap" from

Tons of great CFL seasons, and a fun simulation game. You can even get multiple seasons and play the 1966 Roughriders vs the 1991 Argonauts if you so desire. Tons of fun for sure.


Realistic Canadian Football action, can't wait to play with those classic Halifax teams, LOL. Seriously, it looks pretty stout from the Youtube demo. That original game looks awesome and great story about it's origins. With so many video simulations out there, board games seem to take a back seat these days.

I bought this at a garage sale for a dollar a few years ago just because I loved the box. Someday I'll get around to playing it........

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That game looks great - I’d have loved to have played that with my dad when I was a kid.
We used to play this game. Offense and defense both pick a play, you line up the cards, and then spin for the result.
I’d always pick long throws (the FB Loop was my personal favorite) but my old-school dad was a grind-it-out, three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust guy. He almost always won.


When I was a kid circa 1971 or 1972 I got the game linked above, Talking Football, for Christmas. I remember that it was heavily advertised on TV. It was actually a pretty good game.

The way it works is that the player on offense selects one of numerous plays which each have their own record/disc. You pop it in the disc player and your opponent selects one of many different defenses on the other side of the disc while not knowing what play you selected. You then play it and the result is heard. I remember that, for example, if you picked screen pass and your opponent selected a blitz defence that you would gain 25 yards. The most exciting play was the long bomb which could lead to a TD accompanied by the description on the box shown, although you also risked an interception.

Although I haven’t used the game in decades, as far as I remember all of the records and playing pieces such as yardage markers are all intact and in working order.

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I downloaded this quite some time ago, but I haven't got around to playing it yet.
However, I have played Downey Games Final Score Canadian Football ( Downey's FInal Score Canadian Football Deluxe E-Book - $14.99 : Downey Games!, Sports Games at Their Finest). It's a really great game. Allows you to play seasons pretty quickly. I find it fun to compare the actual games vs what I rolled up. Not very expensive and you get a ton of seasons to play with.

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I've never heard of this CFL game - what's game play like?

Teams are rated for offense, defense and home/away. Pick the teams that you want to play and using the team ratings, you will do some basic calculations to determine their final values for the game to be played. Then it's as simple as rolling on a chart to see how many points they score for each quarter of play. Roll 4 quarters, and OT if necessary, and you've got your final score.
Very easy to play complete seasons.

Mike Owens also has a free football game that has CFL teams. I haven't tried it out yet, but his hockey game is excellent.
Another game that I haven't tried yet is Mike Selock's Quick Play Football. It also has CFL teams.
Both of these are located here: Sports Replays - Fields of Dreams