does a loss this week = qb change

With what the riders did last week by entering the 3rd string qb to gain spark with the injured starting qb and struggling back -up, is that what the bombers need if the qb struggles or the bombers loose the game. Cant see how it would hurt. Especially if its a home game. It seems that the crowd always cheers and team gets a spark when the starter is replaced.

iunno, if we put one in he produces we get our win, media blows it out of proportion and every fan questions glenn. but i agree maybe a change for a game is a needed thing to get a little jump out of our offence.

Well Bishop's available trade for him

Dinwiddie and some high paid useless player like a Olinemen or even Malveaux and than sign Samuels to replace him

If i were going to make a trade with T.O to get Bishop i would give them a back-up QB and a reciever and maybe an O-lineman or 3rd round draft pick to seal the deal.

i wouldn't trade for bishop