Does 0-2 turn us into a winning team this year?

Well the last 4 years have taught us that going 2-0 in the preseason has been bad luck.

Maybe going 0-2 will give us a few more wins. Here's hoping!

I think we're in for another long year.
Went to the game and they showed me the same old thing, lots of undiciplend play, lots of penalties not much of a pass rush or blocking from the o-line and no apparent game plan.d backs missing assignments.
I'm not very optimistic.

I took the realistic approach in the offseason saying that the team could win between 8-10 games but could turn into a 3-5 win season very easily.

Then a couple weeks ago I went the optimistic route and thought they could win 10 games.

Now, I am very confused. I don't know what kind of team we are going to field next week.

I was very disappointed with the oline. For us to sign and draft so many good players to fill out the line, they sure didn't play well for stretches of the game. Porter kept running for his life back there.

I think we need to judge this team in about 2-3 weeks to see what the season will turn into.

Preseason means nothing, teams dont use their full play book, use very basic defences and dont show any of the good stuff on offence, they want to hide as much as they can from their first week opponent.

Im sure we'll see a completely different team next week and see how we do with the best players playing a full 60 minutes.


Yes this is true but don't forget that our opposition is also playing vanilla against us. Wednesday should be interesting. I was very optimistic coming into the season, now I am, at best, cautiously optimistic if not leaning back to pessimistic. A few wins is not enough this season. That will translate into an empty stadium and a threat to the survival of the team. Some fans here might be willing to wait 3 more years but the majority of Cats fans are not willing to wait that long.

I have been waiting long enough i think …why should it take 3 more years … then after that well just a few more years and we’ll be there … ok almost … No doubt about it it stinks to be at the bottom

even if going by the … they were holding back they were testing players and whatnot excuses this upcoming game i think is going to be an indication of the year the cats will have unfortunately it’s going to be hard to follow the action after moving away ( it’s very hard to get any CFL coverage in the southern states ) it’ hard to have alot of faith after the last game even if it was exhibition … hope i’m wrong but i see another bad year shaping up

I am confident that I am not able to judge how many wins the cats will have this year. I hope we will get more than 3. Even if we don't, I want to see some good football during the regular season. The last few years we didn't just loose games, sometimes we didn't even show up.

I am also tired of loosing. But there are a lot of variables that impact how the games turn out. I don't mind a loss if the other team played better and had to make some great plays in order to win. Typically over the last few years we have had a tendency to just let them walk all over us and hand them the victory. I think this team will be more competitive and that's what I'm looking for.

I agree with jdc1185.

I’m not pessimistic at all. Quite the opposite in fact.

Last two years we went 2-0 in exhibition games and ended up with terrible records. This year we go 0-2 in the preseason and people bemoan the losses. 1-1 is the only other choice available, but I suspect many would find reason to complain about that too.

One of the main purposes of the exhibition games is to help the coaches to decide which players to keep or let go. Beating the Argos is always nice, but in an exhibition game the major goal is otherwise. Did last night’s game give us an indication of who will be cut and who will remain? I think so.

Some people say that “the fans” or “the majority of fans” won’t tolerate another losing season. I don’t know how they know such a thing, and I’m not sure that it is so. Other people say they’d rather see us build for the long term with younger players we can develop over time, and are willing to see slower progress that way than a quick fix (which isn’t guaranteed to work anyway, as some marquee player signings have demonstrated in recent years). I guess I’m in the latter camp.

I hope Marcel et al make good decisions about the cuts to come, and I look forward to a successful season with a team that competes every game and has a good chance at a playoff spot.

I agree, I wouldn't take too much from the preseason. I'm neither optimistic or otherwise. To me it's all about the age old word hope. I'm really hoping we have a good season and I'll leave it at that. It's like buying a lottery ticket, I know the chances I'll win are not very good but I'm hoping I might get lucky. And in an 8 team league, there is a lot more hope of say being competetive to make the playoffs than buying a lottery ticket and hoping to win. Love that word hope as long as it doesn't bankrupt you for gambling and that. Hope is one of the basics that make the world hopefully become a better place. :wink:

I am actually optimistic after last nights game. Here's why;

  1. The Argos running game was not reaching the linebackers on every run (still some holes but it was better),
  2. I think there was more pressure on KJ last night than we put on all QBs last year,
  3. Some of the big plays where people were beat or missed an assignment will be corrected. I am can not remember the name but No. 7 was getting burned by receivers all night,
  4. Our starters only played one half. Give them a couple weeks of complete games and things can gel and move forward,
    5)Terry Caulley looked great last night. Put him and Keith together and we have a fantastic running game,
  5. The o-line made some errors but they were pretty good, but now we have a quaterback that does not look like he is running for his life when he is out of the pocket (the poise from Porter was great)
  6. Sure Porter threw a pick but we have no idea if that was a missed route or not,
8) Coverage on special teams was great,
  1. Many offsides extended Argos drives and pushed us back (this will be corrected)
  2. When the cuts are made we will have a team in place that will be looking for one goal (to win games) not individual goals (to win a job).

That is just my take.

I agree with Drexl.
Exhibition means nothing...0-2 certainly doesn't dampen my enthusiasm or optimism for this season.

The Cats have a rookie coach will little CFL experience and a rookie QB in Porter. As we have all come to learn over the past number of seasons, the coach and the QB are key. The season will rest on their shoulders and I don't know if 4 wins may be all we can expect.

I think this team has improved alot. I see new receivers that can catch ?(i.e. James and ball)
Porter didn't play badly.
The Penalties will happen because we have alot of rookies.

I have mentioned in previous threads and still believe whether you like it or not that:

                     1. It will take two to three lose's before we start to jell this year
                         which means say 0-2 or 0-3 then we win every other game. (7-11 for year)
                     2. But if  Porter goes down we will be done like dinner.
                         because i have said in the passed but noone will beleive me is that GLENN
                         is history. Tafralis is a better backup than him. Glenn looks flatfooted, 
                         no drive, no confedence and no consistency.

The preseason ' wins ' are far as winning goes, for the regular season.
It's all about finding the right players for the roster spots. That's what training camp, and preseason games are all about.....
Great to see the Cats coaching staff, taking a hard every player, that is fighting for that 'roster' spot on the team.

0 and 2 ( preseason ) has nothing to do, with turning the Cats into a winning team in 2009.

But the coaching staff that this team has put together....along with the group of players that will make the roster spots....does.

Relax....the wins will come, in 2009.
After 5 years of being the basement crawlers of the CFL, it's great to see this team " finally " going in the right direction. From the coaching staff, on down. :thup:


You might thing that winning in pre-season the last two seasons resulting in a losing team now means we will have a winning team because we lost both games, but I don't think that is an intelligent observation. It would be easy to say, man if we stunk the last two years when we won both pre-season games, and this year we lost them, we are going to be evern worse.

I don't think you can use pre-season records to deterimine what the regular season record will be, unless a team really blows out the opposition or, looses really big in both games.

I am a little concerned at this point. While I would agree that this years pre-season games were used well to evaluate players, I don't think enough time was spent building a solid, unified team. I understand the importance of evaluation, but we have a lot of changes this year, and I expect the team will get off to a slow start with the changes, particularly when not much time has been spent getting our starters to play together against a real opposition.

In the first quarters of both pre-season's games (when we have had more starters in place) we have lost 33-7 (and scored on the last play). Vanilla or not, this does make me concerned.


Totally agree with rstribbell.

I was laughing and shaking my head at some of the comments coming from the stands last night. After the first play Porter made in the game was incomplete there were comments like “oh here we go again…” and “Just like last year…” Get a grip people. It is pre-season game. All about evaluating to see who to keep and who needs to go. I agree, the penalties were ridiculous last night, but that will get ironed out after they watch the game footage as a team. The officials seemed a little trigger happy with the flags last night… hopefully they’ll review some of the terrible calls made last night too.

I am looking forward to an exciting season of good football!
Oskee Wee Wee!

Personally I don't invest much in the preseason mind you I am just as superstitious as alot of us wierd football types can be for example if I am at a game and I am sitting on a even number seat and we get blown out then the following game my wife sits on the even number seat. So yea lol 0-2 in preseason does have me a tad optimistic. Now for the reasons why i don't invest much in the preseason personally no i have never been a player in a Cfl training camp but I did do Military Basic Training which I am sure has some similar aspects. These guys are banged up bruised exhausted still going through shock of new teammates new plays new coach and for alot of them a new city so personally I will judge the cats after game 3. Now also in regards to the previous point if you were to test drive a car that had just been used for endurance testing and side impact airbag testing would you judge the car on allignment breaking or Mileage Or would u even consider test driving this car most likely not you would test drive the nice shinny new one on the dealership lot. So lets let these guys get into the routine and ect that the season brings then Judge. Anyways thats my opinion Lol and if anyone took the time to read this SOrry for bad grammar and spelling.

The 0-2 I am talking about is regular season games we will lose before we start winning.

The Lions went 0-2 in pre-season this year also. Does that mean they suck?

I will say this slowly.. IT..... WAS.... A.... PRE-SEASON.... GAME....