I'd like to see Seth move up the depth chart,, granted Tino hasn't been in much, but when he has he has been awful

Without watching practice, perhaps as bad as he has looked (compared to some promise in the past) he still looks a lot better. Without being involved, we simply don't know. Definate concerns there

You don't know how the 2nd stringer is until they are pressed into duty!

Did Tino look crisp in his 6 minutes of play in Ottawa............he handed the ball off nicely to Messam. He had one throw that did not seem close to a receiver? But a career is not made in 6 minutes.

It would have been nice if the Riders would have gased RedBlacks and put them away so DD could have sat down........maybe right after he sort of extended his leg? Rest him up since we have a turnaround of 5 days! I think that is where our coaches need to look to the future a little better and get #8 more gametime reps.........even if it is mop up time.

Doege...........needs to buy his time like any other new QB. If he is lucky he will get a few minutes later in the season. But his entire year is being being a master of the scout team.

No need to shuffle the two.

How about in Ottawa.......I would be considering De Marco as a starter soon?

I speak of his pre-season play, not the last game. He looked like he took a step backwards. Now don't get me wrong, he may just need some reps and to get his head in the right place, and that all takes time....but it definately a concern here and now. Yeah, he has maybe ownly thrown a half dozen times, but I don't think any have been completed, and in PS he seemed unwilling to pass...that is concerning....a QB who seems afraid to error

As for Ottawa question,, yep,, soon will be time to relegate Burris to number 2, if not already time

I agree fully. Last season Tino looked as good as Willy did. Almost to the effect that I made post saying I wasn't necessarily concerned with losing Willy as an FA. But this season, Sunseri looks hapless.. If DD goes down with any injury, the Riders should be very worried. I have not seen Doege play at all, so I can't comment on his abilities. IMO, the Riders do need to get Sunseri some good playing time, and allow him to be aggressive rather than conservative. This will hopefully get him up to game speed. Right now, I think he is not even close

Were you refering to Durant or Sunseri here.