Dodgers Bauer Suspended 324 Games

I’m not sure I get it. She met him a second time, wasn’t granted a protective order, and he wasn’t charged in a court of law? Why did the District Attorneys office decline
to proceed with this case? Incompetence? Misogyny?
Like it or not, our legal system affords everyone due process, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty,
as well as burden of proof. These exist for a reason. Especially in a “he said - she said” scenario.
Kangaroo courts don’t have these provisions.
This by no way means I agree or disagree with this case outcome or condone any deplorable act on any person.
This suspension is puzzling, and harsh. Too many sports are placating to certain media agendas and the court of public opinion.

Donald Sterling is the old codger you're thinking of...

That's EXACTLY what this is. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with justice or fairness for the player nor anyone else. It is 100% purely brand value protection and nothing more. Every time. If it wasn't front page news, baseball would have swept it under the rug and pretended that it never happened. None of the other sports are any different.

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Yesterday was the deadline for the Dodgers to make a decision and after apparently telling Bauer two days ago that they would keep him, he was released. The Dodgers will still have to pay him his 2023 salary of some $22.5 million, an ugly byproduct of guaranteed contracts as discussed on other threads. If another team picks him up they would only have to pay him the MLB minimum of some $780,000, with the Dodgers paying the rest. Bauer will have lost $37.5 million as a result of his suspension which was reduced and lifted some two weeks ago.

As many have pointed out, baseball is taking the lead in professional sports as far as harsh suspensions go. As many have also pointed out, Bauer has not been charged with an offense, although that of course isn’t necessary. It remains unclear whether Bauer in fact did anything wrong, although I think it is fair to say that he gave the Dodgers and the league a poor image, which isn’t a crime.

Let’s see whether his behaviour and general reputation for being an Ahole prevents another team from signing him. This may be some kind of a litmus test as Bauer was the reigning Cy Young winner when he was suspended.

(Dodgers designate Bauer for assignment Los Angeles Dodgers Trevor Bauer designated for assignment -

Unsurprisingly the Dodgers released Bauer today. We’ll see if anyone picks him up for next to nothing. Although he has been punished it still leaves a bad taste in mouth that he will receive some $22 million from the Dodgers even if he doesn’t play this year.

This was the longest suspension in major North American team sports history. Not sure if any other team will test their fan base and sign him for this season.

(Dodgers officially release Bauer after DFA restricted-content)

The number of Performers in sports, Hollywood, and music who’s private lives are seedy and weird could fill
an encyclopedia.

Somewhat agree with you but most likely no different than any other sector of the public. I knew a guy for 49 years before he got caught as a serial rapist.. nobody ever suspected he was off his rocker till we read of his arrest in the paper

I see your point. I think the percentage may be higher where fame and wealth are factors. I’m not specifically talking about heinous crimes….more so about deviant behaviour.

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Fame and wealth or, more accurately, the sense of entitlement and invulnerability that accompanies those things.

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Along with boredom and the accessibility weath brings to quell it.

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one of Trevor Bauer’s buddies is now in big trouble, not surprisingly