Dodgers Bauer Suspended 324 Games

[Dodgers' Bauer suspended 324 games Trevor Bauer suspension Los Angeles Dodgers -](Dodgers' Bauer suspended 324 games Trevor Bauer suspension Los Angeles Dodgers -

Just saw this. I don’t think there is enough info to draw any conclusions, but I was struck by the length of the suspension and the fact it will cost him $60 million, although he was paid $28 million last year for mostly not playing. I can’t remember a longer or more financially costly suspension in any sport, although it is possible there has been one.

MLB waited a long time to deal with this. Not long ago it was decided Bauer would not be charged, but a criminal standard is different than a civil standard or whatever standard MLB uses. The allegation is one of domestic violence by a former lover, which Bauer denies and characterizes as consensual rough sex. I’ve never seen that scenario either as far as athletes and suspensions go. My guess is that the suspension will certainly be appealed.



He might try to apeal but will.lose... and I might add for F-ing good reason. Lucky he has money or he might have actually served time

He needs to be on trial instead of Johnny Depp

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Same garbage that came out of Jion Gomeshi.

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Johnny has successfully turned a civil court proceeding into a celebration of misogyny. They are both screwballs.

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Sure Depp is odd, but I don't believe Johnny is a woman beater.

Heard seems to be the villain in this situation. Throwing a vodka bottle at Depp causing him to lose a portion of his finger, phucking around with James Franco and leaving a pile of $h!t on the bed. Depp's previous partners has testified that he never abused them

Depp isn't "on trial" ... that usually applies when someone faces a criminal charge ... Depp and Heard are involved in a civil dispute that is not civil ... if either is "on trial" then both are.

Past performance is not predictive of future returns ... as the investment types tell us to CTA.

Depp is on trial of popular opinion. Dude lost out on the Pirates and Harry Potter prequals franchises because of Heard's allegations. Depp was forced to do concerts on the casino circuit and he ain't that great of a guitarist when he has Joe Perry covering up his mistakes.

Heard profited by the marriage since she got a role in "Aquaman"

Yeah, who knows eh? But I read a Depp text that one of Heard's rare supporters posted. It is the verbage of an angry, maladjusted male.

Jonny is doing a fine job of playing the emotionally stable victim right now. I don't buy it. The pro-Depp misogyny on social media is appalling.

There is also the fact that a UK court found in favour of Heard already. Surely there must be substance to some of her story.

Any case, I'm tired of the whole circus.

If he didn't cheat at baseball then baseball should stay out of it. If he broke the law, the courts will handle it. If that means he does jail time then that will be his suspension and baseball will not have to add to it.


Johnny Depp, nah, you got him confused with some else :grin:
Of course he is ... But in some way I feel sorry for him for being involved with a woman who was far more maladjuste6d than he was

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The law has decided Bauer won’t be charged so the only punishment he will face is from the commissioner. Sports leagues have always punished independently of the law and often suspend players pending an investigation. I expected him to receive some punishment from MLB but I was surprised by the severity. We of course don’t know what happened and presumably his partner was interviewed during their investigation. I expect we’ll find out more during the appeal process.

"Heard that".

Then what is baseball rule regarding his transgression and what is the punishment outlined therein?

I’m not aware of any specific rule. It’s at the discretion of the commissioner as far as I know.

This is the part that utterly baffles me

Woman accuses Bauer of assault
DA refuses to even file charges citing "lack of evidence" (and remember this is AFTER the woman went to a hospital to see a doctor AND spoke to 2 different detectives; as two assaults claimed)
Judge then proceeds to throw out protection order as there was no reason to grant her one
And... he gets suspended why???

Right now (from a legal perspective) he looks the victim even (notice HIS lawsuit against her has been accepted and not thrown out). And the text messages they pulled from her phone to her friend ("can travel to Europe in style once her plan was successful") basically point to a shakedown for $$$

Sad thing is even if he wins there is zero chance she has the $$$ to make up what he has lost in payroll

Bauers official YT video commentary here:

Sodomy apparently
That plus a shakedown for $$$ (read my link above this post or look up Bauers comments on the matter)

Its crazy when you consider the woman in question LIED under oath and yet walking around scot free

If that's true then it's not a rule and therefore there is nothing for the commissioner nor league to enforce.

I don’t know the baseball rule book well enough to say anything definitively, but I expect this falls under the general powers of all commissioners to discipline for conduct unbecoming and to uphold the integrity of the game. Players are suspended for PED use, illegal drug use, alcohol related infractions, cheating , gambling on the game and basically any criminal offense in addition to domestic violence and a number of other things (Evander Kane for Covid related infractions). They don’t necessarily have to be criminally convicted of anything. It is not possible to codify every single offense that might lead to a suspension, much less set penalties in advance. All suspensions are done on a case by case basis for good reason.

What I don’t understand is the severity of the suspension. It was shocking to me. But I don’t know what happened so I am not saying there wasn’t good reason for it, but others have already pointed out on this thread some suspicious circumstances surrounding the complainant. The commissioner must have concluded that there was severe domestic violence. I can see why he wasn’t charged as it would be almost impossible to prove to a criminal standard any kind of assault that came after consensual rough sex, which I understand is the allegation.

I’m reserving judgement until more is known, but I find it difficult to believe the appeal won’t be successful to some extent because this may be the longest suspension in sports history ( short of a lifetime ban) and it easily is the most financially costly. Therefore, based on precedent, this must be the worst offense in sports history or close to it. I don’t think it is. As you pointed out, the activity in question didn’t relate to the game or cheating.