Documentary TV

I have never been into reality or documentary shows much, but I have gotten into watching a few on Discovery.

Best show is Highway Thru Hell. Heavy Rescue 401 is same type of show.

Also watch Ice Road Truckers and Rocky Mountain Railroad. Apparently my son was filmed for a few seconds just climbing onto a train engine. Don't know if it ever made the cut but I am sure watching for it.

Those heavy duty rotator tow trucks are awesome. Watched one episode where they used two rotators to bring a loaded semi out of a ditch and had the whole thing hanging in the air.

I have Been a big You Tube fan with docs not really a reality TV guy .

Found some moving picture clips from 1911 New York city . They are fascinating to watch . I also been watching films that were made in 1929 interviewing people 100 to 90 years of age .

They are just incredible historical gems it's like being a time traveler they are so well preserved .

never know what knowledge or understanding can come from such show.

I knew that Alberta's economy had changed a few yrs ago, but didn't fully realize the impact until watching Highway thru Hell.

A few years ago, Jamie Davis towing and heavy rescue expanded to north of Edmonton and there was great need for his service. So much so that he had to get more trucks and hire more people and ended up spending almost all his time in the office running things instead of being out on the road himself. Then two years latter, business dried up and he ended up pulling out of Alberta.

While I still don't agree with Notley, I understand more where she is coming from thanks to this show.