Dobie in the CFL?

Brian Dobie (head coach for the Bisons) has done an amazing job for U of Mb. No other program has graduated more players to the CFL over the last 10 years, and that rend will continue as the Bisons should hopefully win the Vanier on Friday.

My question is will we soon see Dobie in the CFL? What coaches have had careers in Canadian University Football, and gone on to the CFL?

iunno but i am happy if he stay at the u of m and caoches a few more vanier wins like what friday will be

The most recent was Greg Marshall, who coached McMaster to 4 straight Yates Cup championships before becoming the Ticats' head coach. After two years and 4 games -- and a 14-25-1 record -- he was fired, then returned to the CIS as head coach of the Western Mustangs, where he won the Yates Cup in his first season.

Dobie's a heck of a coach and would probably do well in the CFL.

That being said it'd be a shame for the Bisons to lose him.

Go Herd!

Jim Daley is another one.

This is actually 1 of the fundamental problems in the CFL. The owners are mostly American and are nervous about hirng Canadian university coaches and CFL coaches make less money than a university head coach, with none of the security (i.e. benefits/pension etc).

Brian Dobie seems like too good a fit for university ball to ever want to go pro. Pro football is cut-throat, while university ball is developmental. I think Dobie enjoys developing players and watching them grow more than he does winning. I could see Dobie retiring at UofM & leaving with the same positive outlook that he brings to the job now.