Do Yourself A Favour Mr Young And Dump The Team

Dear Mr. Young :

I have no doubt you rue the day you bought the Ticats. You poured your hard earned money into this pit, and you have gotten so little in return.

The press complains, the fans complain, the city complains, everyone likes to spend your money and tell you how things should be done. Of course, it's easy when it's NOT their money they're throwing around.

Now they are telling you to get rid of someone who helped grow your business because he screwed up and they are offended. Poor babies.

Mr. Young, you have done more than anyone could have expected and you deserve to spend the rest of this life not worrying about pleasing people who stopped being grateful for your generosity long ago.

So, do yourself a favour, save your family money, and turn your back on the cfl, once and for all. Let the team fold because, God knows, no one else will buy this money pit. Then the fans can spend their time crying about what they've lost.

Thank you for all you have done in the last 15 years and I wish you all the best. You're a good man. I am grateful for the memories and for you saving this team in 2003.

Kevin Riley

These forums have become so brutal. Its either whiners or 50 posts "caretaker letters - Art Riles"
We arent the first team in history to go through tough times (if you can call 1 bad year that) and we wont be the last. If people dont want to support the team, move to toronto. Theyre also not too fond of their cfl team no matter what they do.


As I said above, I guarantee Bob Young rues the day he bought this team. It's too bad because he deserves better. Heck, the biggest haters of all are the Ticat fans - most other fans don't care.

I miss the days when we were tough on other teams and not our own.

I just wish posters would get over themselves. So self important.

Do you own a mirror?

How am I being self important?

I don't expect anything from Mr. Young. I haven't asked for an apology. I haven't demanded anyone's resignation. I know I am lucky to have a team.

I also know that I am prone to mistakes so I am quick to forgive and forget the mistakes of others.

It's the self important others, extorting/demanding an apology/firing, who need to look at themselves the mirror.

Does that apply to you? I'm going to guess : Yes!

Anyway, the sooner Bob Young dumps the team, the sooner he can get on with his life, and the sooner this argument and the opinions of the self important, holier than thou posters, will be moot/muted.

A win-win.

sure, let the ticats die. Toronto not far behind. Let the whole league fold. Will you be happy then Kevin.

Kevin, the Cats have a set of very passionate fans and want nothing but the best for the team and realize that winning records don't come every year, that's the nature of sport. All they ask, no matter who owns the team, that changes be made here and there to better the team. And it seems that one major change a lot of people would like to see is Scott Mitchell relieved of his duties. Many feel that this would be a positive move for the club to better the club in the long run. Fans realize it's not their call but that is why there is a discussion forum here, to be able to voice their concerns and discuss the team.

I think you're going over the top with rhetoric about Caretaker dumping the team etc. Just my opinion.

Because you keep bringing the same thing up. Over & over. You're no different than the people you're criticizing. And now you're asking Bob to dump the team. It's actually hilarious that you can't see it. :slight_smile:

Kevin, you are by far (and that says A LOT on here) the most self important poster on this board.

From your pathetic "letter" you posted yesterday to your incessant dribble, I would ask you have a long look in a mirror.

I guess we have "fans" of all types.