"Do Your Job!"

Coach Bill Belichick of the Patriots continually preaches that to his players. I'm sure Coach Austin does, too. Well our kicker/punter needs to do his job better. How many field goals does he miss before we make a change? How many punts does he kick out of bounds, in the air, before we make a change? When the onside kick is needed, he doesn't do the job. Kickoffs out of bounds give instant field position to the opposition.
I realize that our kicker plays in Winnipeg now but there must be somebody who can Do The Job. I know Ozzie spoiled us over the years but do we have to wait 15 years for Ozzie junior to do his dad's old job?
Maher may be a wonderful guy but if he's not doing his job, get somebody who can Do The Job! :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy's still kicking)

I agree with most of that, especially lately but he hasn't been horrible enough to get rid of IMO. Really ive thought he had mostly a good year kicking until recently.


call now

It's his first year, don't forget.

And how can you blame him for the onside kick? I thought he dropped it in perfectly.

The missed field goals and blocked punts are a concern but I'd give him another season.

Remember that he did hit a 58 yarder and his punts do sail far.

He's got a strong leg, but that doesn't mean much if you miss 28 yard field goals. The out of bounds kick offs and punts are inexcusable.
Kicking is more than leg strength just like quarterbacking is more than arm strength ( see Matthews).
If Waters is available they should lock him up now. Kickers can play a long time. His punting alone can win games. That labour day game a couple of years ago was the best punting I've ever seen.

The idea this season was to not to rely as much on our kicker but instead score more TD's on offence with Collaros and Masoli at the control but that just has not panned out in this up and down, injury filled yet again season with the Cats in playoffs with a losing record!

Holy Cow our Red Zone performance stinks yet again, we have two good QB's with strong arms, good receivers yes many injured but good fill in receivers but we once again have to rely on our kicker to score points??

Lets first get the job done on offence, score lots of TD's often and not rely on Maher as much than fans might take this team seriously!!


I love Ozzy, but he was not the best kicker ever...his career FG percentage was 72.2%. Where he excelled was when the game was on the line.

[url=http://www.justsportsstats.com/footballstatsindex.php?player_id=osbalpau001]http://www.justsportsstats.com/football ... sbalpau001[/url]

Maher's biggest problem seems to be his punting. Rather than getting rid of him, I'd bring in Waters to punt only if it's cap feasible.

8) It might be his first year in Hamilton, but not his first year in the CFL, as he played in Ottawa last season.
   By the way, there is NO reason at all to miss a 28 yd. field goal !!   In the NFL, that would be his automatic release.

    This is where it comes back to bite the TiCats in the ass by not re-signing Medlock.   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

If that were true, 2 kickers would have become available this week in the nfl because 2 missed chip shots to win the game last week in Seattle.
Waters is available.

With the number of injuries this year, the $175,000 contract is better spent elsewhere...

with the amount of injuries being insane this year they have been still competitive.

what I would like to see is start to be a running team giving CJ the ball 15-20 a game we have great success with the run.

on the first drive it was a well balanced and resulted in a touchdown then they went away from the running game. The pass happy offense worked when we had all are key receivers, now we don't and we are still going with this style of offense doesn't make sense to me

There are always excuses given for Austin's refusal to run. Last night's game lacked any logical explanation for not running. It was working. They were winning. Another starting receiver was out. But no. Kent had to be smarter than that I guess.

Yup Run that ball on CJ's back more all the way , and last night maybe it would have been better to go with Masoli for the start Ned rest Zack one more week ?!

I missed the game and have not watched my recording. Who was the holder on the missed FG? Was it after Andy's injury?

It is easy to blame the kicker, but the arithmetic says the miss cost two points, so we lose by one, and not three?

Come on. The Cats are showing improvement, but they are not a good team yet, and certainly a lot, lot more away from being good than a kicker. A lot!

I'd be looking for DBs first.

Leone for BC just missed an "easy chip-shot" in the BC-SK game. Maybe he should be released too?

Any kicker who misses a field goal should definitely be fired. With a 72% success rate, it’s amazing that Ozzie wasn’t run out of town. I can’t understand how a guy who failed so often managed to stay in the league so long.

if you can get swayze waters for next year i am all for it before he left he was the best overall kicker in the cfl

In all seriousness, a player like Ozzie would not have made it in today's game. He got better over the course of his career but was inconsistent early on. Coaches no longer have the patience to let a player develop. A few bad games can end a promising career these days.

Leone also missed a convert in that game too. Seems to me that he missed a couple of FGs here at THF. I don’t see Buono releasing him any time soon…

Andy is Bret's normal holder...
I think that has alot to do with it.