Do you watch the AFL

the Arena Football league. i watch a few games every once in a while it helps fill my football fix between the end of the NFL season and the begining of the CFL season. i think i will watch a bit more this year because Jason Gesser and a few other cfl players are playing down there

Not a lot, but I may start watching a little more.

I hate the rules and I hate the Philadelphia Sol cuz there logo is an obvious copy of the Hawthorn Hawks logo.

Probably as I get “itchy” feet waiting for the CFL to return, I may catch a couple of games on the tube. But if I were to name any teams I would be in trouble. (New Jersey? Las Vegas?)

why are CFL players playing there?...more money, or just to stay sherp for the CFL season?

.........both I'd say........

A few players go to the AFL after the CFL season ends - not sure if it is for conditioning, money, or other reasons. Tango McCauley just signed a three year deal with Chicago of the AFL, but as far as I know his CFL rights are still owned by the Riders.

When Toronto had the Phantoms I went to a few games...Im the type of fan that watches something more when there are teams in towns I can relate to. Funny thing was, CFL fans were claiming that the Phantoms and their ownership....i think it was the jays owners...Godfrey probably...were trying to kill the CFL by insituting AFL with their overlapping schedule so I didnt know whether to cheer or boo.

Toronto Phantoms were a bad mistake.

it's too bad the NDFL didn't get off the ground and influence the AFL with some of it's rules, then either merged with the AFL or folded completely.

Don't you mean it's a shame that CFL-USA didn't succeed?

We all know that the US expansion should never be repeated...but wouldn't it have been nice to see it succeed?

Steve-o, methinks KK means the North American Indoor Football league, which was supposed to play last winter-spring. They were going for 14 teams (with the worst names imaginable. Lovecraftian horrific - ex. “Ottawa Omega”). Then they ditched two, and then stopped putting up new info on their site. Could very well still be up…

Yeah, that's what I was talking about, it would be cool to have AFL teams in Canada after the message playing more Canadian rules game which is better for a field that size, and if all the Canadian teams kick the bucket, they can continue to use the new better rules, just like the White Out is still done in the NHL today after the Jets left (it was bitter-sweet seeing Tampa do it in the Stanley Cup) .

Or worse, admit to going to the Arean Football website (guilty!)

Speaking of which, here's what to expect this coming AFL season..

Due to Katrina (dang you, Mother Nature!), the New Orleans Voodoo have suspended operations for the season, but two new teams will join the league: the Kansas City Brigade and the Utah Blaze.

Capturing on the success of the first neutral site Arena Bowl last season, Arena Bowl XX will take place this June, again in Vegas.

And a funny addendum to Sportsmen's comment, the team in New Jersey (the Gladiators) actually moved to Vegas last season, I believe.

Thanks Mongo....See I couldn't remember many names!

I think they relocated in 2001, the Gladiators I'm talking about.


have watched it, but it is too 'wierd' for me. I'm a bit of a closterphobe, and the whole indoor arena, even on TV gets to me... names of the teams are so .... "flashy" and sound like they were made up by a bunch of 12 year olds sitting around a shopping mall food court!

But it is better then basketball or soccer.

Yes, from time to time I do watch as others say to get my fix of football after the NFL season ends and before the CFL season starts. Wouldn't say I love it but I do actually find it entertaining, I would like to go to a game sometime but I think the closest team to me is Grand Rapids which is still a bit far from Hamilton, not sure I'd go there just for an arena game.

That's a tough call, Earl. Whilst the Rampage call SW Michigan home, I'm wondering if the Destroyers out of Columbus (which ironically, relocated from Buffalo a couple seasons or so back) would be closer. Either way, its still a fair jaunt to catch the so-called "50 yard war"