Do you watch games that don’t involve your team?

Try it. When I got my first PVR I didn’t even realize I had a skip feature for a year or two. It’s super convenient for skipping commercials.

i will. i tend to rec and watch on a bit of a delay on purpose (plus i pause in between plays to do my bathroom and food breaks as opposed to commercials, and it interrupts Suitor’s droning lol) then i FF the commercials. also i rewind so much i’m rarely ever in real-time even if i start watching same time as recording/game starts.

i am predicting this will all change with game day threads though lol :joy:

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Yes, I guess I have an older system. 15 sec fwd/ and 15 sec rwd BUT I did program it to 30 sec fwd from some online instructions.
You can always use voice and forward to or rewind back to any length you want.
eg. " Forward 2 minutes" Forward 2 hours" , etc.

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Yes good point about the voice. I tend not to use it for short jumps but maybe I should start.

Hey all--
Lifelong Winnipeg fan-thats right, Im a bomber glommer. Ill watch a non winny game, If its big enough--Like tonights game--BC/Cal. Huge game. Lookin forward to scouting the competition--Both great teams


who you cheering for :slight_smile:

Calgary--Im a little bit scared of the BC offense

may your fears be realized :slight_smile:

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lol gonna be great run to the playoffs

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hey welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

join us in the Lions - Stamps game thread: