Do you watch games that don’t involve your team?

I've got that... no, wait that's BPH. Sorry

I’ve got PCP and LSD if anyone is interested.

I had LSD in the 1970s, in the 2020s it's BPH. The LSD was more fun, definitely, but no thanks, not sure the body would take that abuse anymore. There's a small grain of truth in the saying that that we get smarter as we get older. :sunglasses:

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I dont know about that. Dont we all start out knowing everything?

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I work nite shifts so its perfect for me. I too pvr the games and i work from home so i make sure to watch the games so i dont even have the scores blown lol.

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i’m a homebody girl myself, and i live alone, so can watch at will :grin:

2 adult kids still live with me but they know not to mess around on football nites Lol. they also have become accustomed to my outbursts in the middle of thenite lol. Hoping i never really need them as the will most likely roll over saying its just football LOL

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LSD is great for weight loss! After all it's tough to sneak a snack from the fridge when there's a dragon guarding it!


I watch every game. I set the PVR to record every game and I can FF through commercials. Some games, like Labour Day Classic, I usually watch when it starts (mute the sound during commercials).

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:grinning: LSD to any who ran on the cross country team ......

The Training involved ...... LSD.


long slow distances .

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And I guess anyone would run if they had a dragon chasing them :wink:


Tried acid twice just for the hell of it. Didnt really do anything.

My teenage best friend was a coke addict who used to cut acid into his lines.

His behaviour was such that I never had the urge to try drugs of any kind. I stick to booze, which isn’t actually much better.

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Had a female friend that was a Heroin addict and she use to nod off with a cig in her hand right after she shot up. Then she used Methadone to get off the Heroin and I swear it messed up her head more so that even when she was done with the M, she was never the same

lol i should have titled this thread “do you watch games that don’t involve drugs?” :joy:

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include alcohol in that and you will probably get mostly no. Sad creatures that we be, sigh

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A good single malt is my drug of choice.

me: coffee during games, and ativan post game lol

Ativan pre game would lead to some interesting posts.

i can arrange that lol :joy: