Do you watch games that don’t involve your team?

omg yes! great analogy with the novel. thank you for that.
i cannot follow NFL, it’s overwhelming and thus, inaccessible to me in terms of how i like to follow football. the CFL has so much rich history and legacy. i don’t get that with the NFL hype machine.

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Yup, every game. Whether live or on PVR, I think I have only missed one game this year so far....

Yes. I try to watch as many CFL as I can


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I watch 'em all. If a game's on late I'll PVR it and watch it the next day. Sometimes I'll PVR my own team and wait on pins and needles before everyone shows up to watch it... all the while hoping that no one I bump into blurts out the score.


I try to watch as many of the games as I can.


I mirror what you do. I used to watch everything on PVR but as you say, you can’t then participate in the game day forums. One other pro of PVR is that it takes far less time to watch a game, which is especially useful for double or triple headers.

I have mostly participated in the game day forums this year and therefore watch live, which I haven’t done since getting my first PVR in 2005. For me now it is what I would call a game time decision. I do find that if I am following the forums and posting that the commercials and half time break flies by quickly.

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hells ya can’t wait to get in on game day forums!

You're in luck. There's a huge opening left by a member named Tex. :grin: :rofl:


hmmm :thinking: i guess i’ll have to find out the context of this one…

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Oh please don't resurrect that name!
There aren't many who merit my ignore list, but he got there quickly.



I think I was on somebody's ignore list once. OK, maybe twice. :slight_smile:

Not mine.

works for me :slight_smile:

i’ll be on all your ignore lists after game days :grin:

wait, trash talking in game threads is allowed right?

Trust me, whatever you say, we've seen worse.
(Some of us may have PTSD from Tex)

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only in main forum I think.

your momma!

aww did you have to. Now I am beset with nightmeric memories. Just as I thought I was finally getting control of my Borderline Personality Disorder. Not to be mixed up the other BPD. They should change one of the names.