Do you watch games that don’t involve your team?

just curious if most of you watch more than just the games your own team plays?

i watch every single game (yes even argos vs cats x 4 lol). obviously not always live game day (pvr is a thing).

i guess being single and living alone gives me lots of time that other folks with actual lives might not have to binge watch CFL every weekend.

i’ve watched every grey cup game last 3 decades at least, and a few before that. i have no life i know. lol


I watch all CFL games unless life gets in the way (like Fridays game, memorial then supper with friends). I have a man cave & my wife is happy enough to let me watch on the big screen, she has her own tv in the living area. No pvr, if I miss them I miss them.


I watch every game I can, which is about 99% of them. Same with NFL.

If I have conflicting events, I will try to make them happen during games between two of my least fav teams.

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haha my house is one big She Shed :grin:


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No man cave here. I enjoy watching with my wife which usually happens unless she needs to do something else

Joanne & I need two tvs for a reason. Apart from my music video collection & CFL football I seldom turn the tv on, I'm a reader by nature & rarely watch anything else. Joanne has her tv on about 10 hrs a day, it's always in the background. She doesn't do football.

I always said from the time I was 11 that if I ever did get married, she would have to like football. I sure did luck out with my wife.


I watch my team play and then others if it fits in the schedule but that's no different than my teams in other leagues

heh i love being single and having all my own space. i can watch sports at 2am if i want and eat chips in bed on friday nights and yell at the tv anytime.

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I used to watch every game, but the on-field product has really suffered for the past several years so now I quite often turn it off before the 1st quarter even ends.

i turn off the effin sound for the TSN panel. i still watch the crappy games for scouting and player/ team comparison, and because CFL football is so unpredictable. some of those sucky games had exciting finishes, despite quality of play.

I don’t get games on TV so I listen to about 1/3 on satellite radio but follow almost all of them in the CFL website. I make a stronger attempt to catch Bombers games.
Lately I’ve missed due to other family events and/or the high school games I run the scoreboard for.


also, i should add - i like discussing and arguing with other fanbases, so i like to be as informed as they are on their own teams.


I try to watch every game, much to wife's chagrin.
I tell she should be thankful I dont follow the NFL with the same commitment.

Can't remember the last CFL game I didn't watch. I always set the PVR for all the games early in the week so I don't miss any since there are a lot of games that would otherwise be inconvenient or impossible to watch. I rarely watch any of the games completely in real time. Pros: see all the games, watch when I want, skip the commercials and panel when they're acting like idiots. Cons: occasionally will know the outcome before I see the game, can't join the game day forums until well after the game.


yea sounds like we watch games the same way.


The only way when you're nowhere near a stadium.

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gridiron girl brought up a good point about the league .

One of the things I like is the size of the league . Yes I want it a bit bigger but really no more than 12 .

At 9 I find the league is easy to follow and there is a feeling of knowing the league like it's a long lost friend that has a lot of faults but you still keep in touch .

The other leagues seem like they have expanded past the point of best optimal entertainment .

It's like watching any story at some point there are way too many characters .... in US pro sports there is way too many teams ....... too much of a cattle call ...

Liked it at first with NFL on Dazn at 1pm football heaven with so many teams and so much fun but then something happens it becomes where you become unattached .

Then I return to just watching the NFL games I want and the heck with the rest .

While the CFL they spread them out nicely .... .

no to three on one saturday .

It becomes a 5 1/2 month novel where you pick it up every few games and put it down and enjoy it at a nice pace knowing the characters very well by the end of the season .

It's comfort food .


yup. nearest stadium is a few hours ferry ride across the straight, which pretty much makes it an overnight trip given game times.

So you're on the Island. I'm in the interior.