Do you want to sell YOUR Team????

I have a simple request. Start asking hard questions regarding David Asper's reasoning for wanting the Bombers. The Point Douglas Stadium WILL NOT happen, all things point to it. I don't believe the original proposal was about the team or the Stadium, what he really wanted was the prime retail space in Polo Park, which is where the money is, and the team was simply a means to that end.

Do you really think that management will continue to be responsive when they don't have to answer to you anymore? Edmonton has continually been one of the most stable franchises in the league. In the last 36 yrs, they have missed the playoffs only twice- in the last 2 seasons. Have you forgotten Asper's little temper tantrum when he was club president that cost him that position? do you want to be in a position 10 years from now where ownership changes result in a Gliberman style owner( the CFL let them do it to Ottawa twice!!)

Remember, YOU OWN THIS TEAM!!! Do you WANT to sell it? HAS ANYONE ASKED YOU? The Ledohoski proposal was for a 35-45000 seat COVERED stadium, with the Bombers as main tenant remaining under community Ownership as well as OWNERSHIP OF THE STADIUM! Now that we're aware of the fast one pulled by true north, why should we care if it impacts them, we're paying em anyway ( True North receives 3.7 million a year in subsidies from the city and province).Why expand the white elephant convention centre? A covered stadium would make a Great convention centre, and we wouldn't have to subsidize it.

If they say it's too late, I say Bull! Call you MLA and politely remind him that if the Bombers go to Asper, he's going to the unemployment line, and tell him you plan to knock on all your neighbours doors and ask them to do the same! Ask them why share's aren't being offered to us, the current owners and citizens of Winnipeg, or is this deal only for the moneyed and connected? I've got $5000 I'd INVEST. How many others are there? I want a piece of this sweetheart deal he's getting, the piece I didn't get out of True North!

Time to rethink this before you lose your team forever to some yutz who wants to play GM, ask Coach Daly about Asper's aspirations. Comparison of the Two proposals begs the question: Who does David Asper have naked pictures of?

Collin Doyle

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But for $18 million out of the total projected cost of $123.5 million, the taxpayers could have owned the new arena.

But when it comes to the proposed new stadium, the question taxpayers have to ask is whether a deal like the one that got us the arena is worth it. Should all control, all profit be ceded to private owners for a relatively small contribution to the initial cost?

When Ledohowski's multiplex proposal at the Convention Centre site was shot down, True North cited their agreement with the city re: a potential infringement should Ledohowski build it downtown.

St. B. or Exhibition grounds I like b/c you aren't kicking people out of their homes (Pt. Douglas) or utilizing prime real estate like the Polo Park area. Building on the perimeter would also change the mindset of land development in Wpg.

We have an number of attractions along the perimeter already (Tinkertown, 2 go-kart tracks (good ones), the Mint, the racetrack, etc. Add a few more and have a lightrail transit or shuttle buses circling the perimeter every half hour (15 minutes during peak hours) to link up with shuttles at key nodes to head back and forth to & from downtown like spokes in a wheel.

That increases property value inside the city and generates more infrastructure money for creative projects like multiplexes, theme parks, entertainment centres, conservatories, etc.

Downtown should be condensed like Calgary's is, not expanded. Right now, downtown looks like Baghdad in most places b/c it's too spaced out. Portage, Main, Broadway & Memorial should be the downtown with NO residential. Then Downtown will become an attractive place for offices, hotels, restaurants, retailers, and tourist attractions. We need to get the scuz out of downtown and fill it up before we consider expanding it.

As far as selling the team, why should we? The Bombers should accept proposals for complexes who wish to have the Bombers (and Jets?) as their anchor tenants. It should be the franchise that dictates terms, not Mayor Katz and his Jewish land development cartel. Once the Bombers settle on a parcel of land, they can sell the highly valued property on Maroons Rd.

Canwest Global Park, True North, the Forks Inn and the upcoming expansion of the Convention Centre are all architectural evidence of Mayor Katz ignoring an obvious conflict of interest by using his political clout to rob the city and the province blind. When this shyster doles out corporate welfare to his cartel, he should be held libel and taken to court to answer for his shady land deals.

Decorum does not allow me to say what should be done with this cartel. Let's just say Europe knew what to do with these shysters before they gutted the local economy and left people living in tent cities.

Amerika the Schmuck!!! Just look how the Fed and the banks have gutted your economies and duped you into going bankrupt to protect a country that has taken from all and given nothing in return. Here's to Liberal Zionism turning the USSA into Enron the NeoCon police state.

Sports should be a harmless diversion at least and a benign war between enemies at the most. We need to keep the shysters and billionaire pimps out of our pro sports franchises--they've shown themselves to be as corrupting as cancer.


The fact that all of the major players in this fiasco are Jewish Has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING on the discussion. If I was Irish and the mayor was Irish and we were members of the same social circle, be it religious or fraternal, we would invariably form friendships along those lines. They would not be indictments of the social group, only the Individual within.

It could very well be that there are shenanigans afoot, But to still believe in a “Big Jewish Conspiracy” is ASININE!

Perhaps if you stopped looking for the boogieman who’s always “bringing you down” and started seeing individuals as they are; INDIVIDUALS!

we all have an inner moron, and you just showed us yours, good going!:slight_smile:

A resounding 'no' should echo across the red river to meet you.

But honestly man, I'm not trying to steal your thunder here. . . I did a pretty fair job instructing the exact same issue not too long ago.

You can't just ask someone a hypothetical question expecting an answer. I actually gave people an answer by saying, "We're a bunch of morons giving Mark Chipman an arena for free, if you really believe that should happen again."

In case you're wondering, I'm only adding to your position, just giving the people a refresher.

LMAO, Chipman has actually made the MTS Centre one of the best arena's in North America, Chipman is committed to the community and what is RIGHT for the people in Winnipeg.

Before the MTS Centre, every major concert SKIPPED Winnipeg to go to either Saskatoon or Thunder bay, come on i for one was sick of being behind the two ugliest cities in Canada.

Now we are getting top concerts and other events (The Junos to name one) and we have an outside chance of having an NHL team back once again.

If we still had the Winnipeg arena, i would still be driving 8 hours to see a great concert, The Juno's would have overlooked us AGAIN, so before you criticize, think!!

Yes, I'll think about my free tax paid mts center while breaking the bank with profits to boot.

The issue wasn't whether or not MTS Centre was a good thing, it was. The issue is no one seems to be able to tell me why my tax dollars are continuously going to fund these things with no opportunity for the AVERAGE person to profit from them as well. Tell me that you couldn't put a one time tax take of say $100 dollars per citizen and invest it in the same enterprise on our behalf, and then kick the profits back to us, like shareholders. It's an old boys club, and apparently the CEO of CanadInns is not welcome at the trough, much like the rest of us.

We're expected to pay our taxes and shut the hell up, because the Aspers and Katzs of the World know better than us! Worse still is we have a Premier who is afraid of bucking these powerful men, and he's more than happy to aquiese to their demands.

The biggest problem is that the head and shoulders better proposal is not pursued, and instead of feeding me back the same tired talking points on behalf of True North and Mr. Chipman, explain to me how he cares more about this city than I do, and why his money is worth more than mine? If tax dollars are involved, we should all share in the profit, because we're all financing it!