Do you want the Eskimos to Miss the playoffs? (non-esks fans

now this poll is for Non-Eskimos Fans.. because we know the Esks fans will vote Yes!

simply put, you want to see the Eskimos Miss this year? yes or no?

i may be the only one to vote no, but for some strange reason i would like to see this team come back, show some charecter, and keep their streak alive

yah, that'd be nice...

Unless it directly affects my Bombers missing the playoffs (For example - Esks cross over to take 3rd in the East away from Winnipeg) I really don't care one way or the other.

I'll give the Esks credit where credit is due. They've made the playoffs for more years in a row then I've been alive and they deserve those accolades. Even if it is stupidly easy to make the playoffs in the CFL as compared to other professional leagues. (75% of teams are in playoffs every year in an 8 team league).

footballwise, yeah, it would be a refreshing change. OTOH, what happens if the esks spend a few yrs on the bottom? Would their 40+ crowds become a thing of the past? How would that affect overall attendance and tv revenue? Not sure I want to find out.

Personally...I liked the streak because I'm an american who prefers the CFL, and just love it when I can rub that piece of trivia in some of my friends faces.

Having said that, I think it's turned into a streak that NO american team will ever break, so maybe it's time to give someone else a shot at some glory.

I would love nothing more than to see them miss the playoffs ... knock them down a couple of pegs.

of coruse we want them to miss the playoffs, that coach is annoying, he cuts vets like montford, the linebacker, cuts dierdrick, and the team is still garbage, get that dude outta there and hire someone else, plus any coach could have won a greycup with that squad last season, also the esks are a boring team to watch anyways so getting some fresh blood in there would no harm.

Does Maciocia sound like a French Canadian name to you?

isnt he french-canadian but italian too?

i mean his family history is italian but he was born and raised in quebec.

Ya so?
I was born and raised in Quebec as well but I am not French Canadian!

if you did your research you would have known that he is from quebec and he speaks french, so get off me.

I am from Quebec and speak and write both French and English as well.
Maciocia is bilingual as well!
Whats your point?

I really dont care about the Eskimos... They make the playoffs thats fine, if they dont well than thats great.

Personally, I don't see how anyone outside of Edmonton can NOT hate the Esks ... but I guess I'm not the best judge of that!

I'd like to see them miss for a few years. The fans there always like to brag about how they're the best in the league because they always show up in droves. Let's see if they still show up in droves when the team misses the playoffs three years in a row, or posts a 1-15 record. I can tell you right now they wouldn't, they've got a win or else attitude.

Totally agree (what a surprise).
It would be nice to have the 'smoes miss the POs just so that streak can end (it has to sooner or later, better sooner) just to have the esk fans shut up about it.

One thing you can count on is that we'll be hearing about the streak until we're dead, whether it ends this year or not.

The Eskie fans should be proud of this accomplishment! Why shouldn't they? If it was your team you would be proud as well!

Of course they should.. but does that mean we should want it to continue? I think quite the contrary.. it's somebody elses turn to have a 34 year playoff streak.. maybe the Stamps? :oops:

Shameless homerism.. oh me oh my..