Do you want Nik Lewis on your team?

…even though you can’t have him…

Trade him to Edmonton and they'll stick him on the O-line.

Lewis seems to get better with age. I still dont know how a guy his size can move the way he does.

..okay, I actually shot wine out my nose over that hurt

A truly great game by Nik Lewis. I would say he's the best receiver in the league so far.

If Weston Dressler had made that catch late in the fourth quarter, though, then I wouldn't be so sure. :wink:
Nonetheless, two fantastic receivers who really put on a show. :slight_smile:

...Dressler's TD catch was SICK, or whatever the kids use nowadays...that was fantastic...

It's the cape man, I tell you it's his magic cape.

Dare I say he'd be scary also in the slot in the NFL, as no DB could match up well with his size within the first five yards and no linebacker would be agile enough outside to stay with him, but I am glad he's not in the NFL because clearly he was foolishly overlooked long ago. :thup:

He'd be more of a tight end in the NFL, at least at his current weight. And he wouldn't get much of a look at 5'10 from the NFL.

:lol: I might actually approve of that scenario. Lewis on the o-line, not you shooting wine out of your nose. :wink:

No doubt about it. It's been very interesting to witness the maturation of Lewis as a player. Not only does he continue to make plays, be open and inspire his team, he has somehow grown up as a person where he knows that he shouldn't be celebrating a first down when you are down by 15. I used to be very down on him because of his attitude, but he has matured where he knows when to turn the clown off and turn into beast mode. The days of arrogantly signalling a first down on an easy 2 and 5 first down out to the sidelines. Awesome game Nik Lewis.

No at 5-10 he could absolutely not be tight end in the NFL.

With Wes Welker and Steve Smith able to succeed at the slot and at wide receiver as short guys, Lewis could too.

He has not always been 240 either. That's the biggest he's ever been.

It sure has not slowed him down though! He'd be a terror in the slot in the NFL as he is now in the CFL.

Right now I proclaim him the best receiver in the CFL.

And did I mention also that he should be granted the exclusive allowance to wear a red cape when he plays?

His cape will have its own separate display in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame too.

He was quicker earlier in his career when he was a more receiver normal weight for a 5'10 guy. He used to be a guy that had the ability to beat you deep, he still gets open now but it's his plays with the football that make him the most dangerous now. How many DB's want to try to tackle that truck headed their way? They go low and he hurdles them.

...good points Bil, I personally disliked his cockiness, he has matured thing that came out this week too that many of you might not have heard of is that him and Joffery Reynolds are friends, very close, and even through criminal charges that many (I for one) have been critical of NL says he will stand by his friend and help him through this...the dude is solid, on and off the field...

I totally disagree. Nik is twice the size and Dressler routinely makes spectacular catches. Lewis once in a while but he is a 15 yd route runner who uses his size for extra yds. Dressler yets alot of yak yds and look how small he is!

Even the best of them drop the play but look at the reaction when Dressler drops one. People are stunned. I was but hey Simon drops easier ones then that. Dressler is the best in the league just gets no credit because he is small. I’m biased but watching him game in/out I’d rather have Dressler on my team. :rockin:

Yep, the Ray Elgards and Nik Lewis style of players need to be scouted before someone plays them in terms of how to bring them down. Two guys should be able to tag team them. Easier said then done.

Didn't they say something about him being a free agent after this season. You better hope the Stamps can re-sign him.

hmm, I have had stuff come out of my nose, but I never tried it with wine :slight_smile:

He's a legend in his own mind and loves to hear himself speak, but he backs it up with his play. From what I'd see, I'd take him in a second.

Definitely. Elite receiver with a body type that you don't find every day at that position in the CFL.

Never ever ever. He wouldn't last 10 minutes under Chamblin (loud mouths need not apply). I know he is having a career year and good on him for that - without Nick I don't think the Stamps would have won any games. Having said that I think Calgary is the perfect place for him.