Do you WANT Bellefeuille and Glenn back next year?

Do you want Bellefeuille and Glenn back next year?

Not the best poll but I voted.
I want Marcel gone and ill take Glenn back next year but id also like a new qb brought in to compete for the number one job and have Glenn groom him for the future.

Should have clearly asked if you want Glenn as the number 1 QB for next year.

I assumed he’d be gone, if he’s not the starter given that he’s making a starter’s salary.

As of now yes to both, but only because I see nobody else who is an improvement over either.

I want Bellefuille gone. I'd welcome Glenn back but only to compete for the starting job.

That's funny.
We already had LaPolice here, & we turfed him.
In fact, I believe we also had Parady, & the Jason Vega too ( who had 7 sacks, and caught the winning TD ).
Do you think it is a matter of 'better is better', or is it jut a case of 'not knowing how to assess talent' ?

And speaking of 'assessing talent' - when Garret was released, I don't recall we brought him in for a look-see. But when he got his 2nd chance, he excelled.
Why is it that WE did not spot his potential ?

Is that a coaching issue, a GM issue, or BOTH ?

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Keep them both, but an understanding that Glenn is the mentor at this point and is standing in as we test new young QBs that will hopefully step up in the next few years, be it Porter or someone else.

The current management has no problem spotting talent. We cut Vega because we had McIntyre and Hickman, I can't really argue with that decision. Garrett was cut before the season and wasn't signed again until well after labour, so I guess every team but Winnipeg missed out on him.

But this is our best showing since 2001, replacing Marcel or Glenn won't make a bit of difference.

Not an issue at all.

LaPolice was here as a coordinator and moved on after Taafe took over from Greg Marshall and LaPolice went back to the Argos.

Palardy was cut because we had Sandro ("most accurate kicker ever") and his big contract along with being Canadian. Hard to tie up 2 roster spots for Canadian kickers.

Vega was very late cut (coaches and management were very high on Vega), but went with Hickman and McIntrye instead.

Garrett, hard to add when you have Terry Grant on your roster and hard to find a spot for him to play, just unfortunate he got hurt.

I think our guys have done a good job finding talent, some areas more than others. It's easy to say "how come we didn't pick him up, or why did we cut him" after they start doing something with another team.

I am happy with the young roster, but believe a new coach and qb is needed to get the most out of this talent.

Coach: Mediocre. After 3.5 seasons, cant get the team to the next level. Do we wait 3 more seasons, one of which will be on the road (2013)? Need an outgoing coach who can inspire the team to do better. Such a coach is out there - Obie and Womack can find him.

qb: Glenn's best days have passed (as has Burris's and probably Calvillo's). Lots of young qb talent south of the border. Let Danny Mac and Obie find some ,as BC has done successfully.

I really doubt that Glenn is able to mentor a qb. He didn't handle it well whenever he was taken out & publicly called it a slap in the face. Tracy Ham he is NOT.

I'm not so sure about that. 2010 saw Glenn achieve career numbers and this year's weren't that far off as discussed and dissected in another thread.

I think that both should be replaced. Glenn is a good quarterback but is very inconsistent to say the least. He has a terrific game but follows that up with a pathetic game. Not sure if it is the game plan or preparation. After three years here I am not sold on the fact that he could take us to the promised land. But who is out there to replace him? Pickings are not too good.

Marcel on the other hand should be shown the door and soon. This team has many great players, but they were not used correctly by him and the coaching staff. It seems like the coaching staff is trying to fit players into a system when it should be fitting a system to the players strengths. As an example, I have seen many times throughout the year Baggs and Hickman covering receivers. At times it looked like some of the players were lost out there.

Listening to the interviews, it seems as though some of the players are not buying into the coaches philosophy. Maybe they have lost respect of the coaching staff. I don't know. I could see early in the year that frustration was evident in some of the players. Arland Bruce kicking the ball after an incompleted pass. His supposed lower body injury (he looks fine now with BC) resulted in him missing a few games. The trading of Mann to Toronto. The benching of Jason Jiminez.

To paraphrase Dave Stala, There is something that is not right with this team.


Really? :lol: Do you actually believe in what you're saying?

When players of that caliber are dropping clues like that, you can be sure that there is internal strife. Not a good sign moving forward.

Strife? I dunno. Frustration? For sure.

The notion that something is wrong has been around most of the season and even coach Bellefeuille has talked about it. Nothing new here really

I notice that more than half of the people who voted in the poll want the coach back (with or without Glenn) and more than half of the voters want Glenn back (with or without Bellefeuille).

Only a minority want to get rid of one or the other or both of them.

Not an overwhelming endorsement, but nothing at all like a massive cry from “the fans” for a purge.

As of right now, 57% want Glenn back, and 54% want Bellefeuille back. Not that I take much stock in internet polls, I'm still a little surprised.