Do you trust Marcus Crandell?

Just curious, because it seems a lot of people were not to impressed with him on Friday. I trust him and think he will lead us to another Grey Cup this year.

With all your heart, eh? That's the stuff restraining orders are made of....

A quarterback is only as good as his supporting cast. All Crandell needs to do is get the ball in the hands of the playmakers; they'll take care of the rest!! Crandell doesn't have to carry the team on his shoulders; just get them the ball!!

oh course i trust he can hack it... i havn't seen any action yet this season so i can't say ooo he didnt look good, or so and so looked better.. but im optimistic... also, i have faith in coach miller that should crandel show that he's not the best man for the job that miller will do his job, and put in someone else.