Do you think?

That if we kept Smith he would have done great late in the game against edmonton by just pounding the defenders. I know giles has similar body type but to me is no where near the same style Smith was he carried players on his back. I personally think we should bring him back and he can return the ball too.

Exactly what I was thinking as they tried to move the ball on that crappy surface - that Joe Smith might have been good to have.

I don't think they wil bring him back yet though - they really have to try this Giles a little more time to be fair to the decision they made.

...i don't think you could have judged fairly ' any players' talent on that messed up field....but we didn't too bad considering...Giles is similar to Smith...and a lot younger...I.m sticking with this kid for the future... :thup:

I agree

Not really. And you definitely can't judge Giles' playing style from a six carry game. And Smith as far as kick returning goes is Fred Reid without speed, which is to say, sure he can do it, but he's certainly not a return specialist. I wouldn't call him an improvement on what we have now.