Do you think Zeke Moreno will be back

Plain and simple question.

The Argo's released him do you think he will be back?

In Hamilton, No.

In the CFL...yes.


No - too old and too slow.

What we have is much superior skill wise than Moreno. (I speak as a former big fan of Zeke and Destroy).

Not in Hamilton. There has to be more to this. Here is a guy who performed well or better in Hamilton, Winnipeg and T.O.

He is either:

(A) Overpaid

(B) A problem in the locker room

(C) A coaching problem

(D) All of the above

Rotating him with Floyd might be a good idea. Or if he's put on some muscle we could use him at defencive tackle.

I'd love to see a 3-4 defense but I don't think we have a dominant enough nose tackle.

Third team in three years. Its time to start facing up to certain realities.

8) Oh My !!! :roll: :roll:

Id take Simpson over Zeke and he is also avalibble! as it stands all our LB's are better the

If he moves to D.E. maybe, as a L.B in CFL he,s TO SLOW!better suited for NFL. :cowboy:


The answer is D ALL OF THE ABOVE

Or not?

Garrett McIntyre's a pure beast at DT. defender's are like woohoo we cut block this guy, he's outta the play!Wait, what the hell was that massive blur that just destroyed our QB?Was it a truck? Was it a tank? no! It was Garrett McIntyre!! :rockin:

Moreno could never dream of doing half of what Adams and big Mac can.

Too Slow should be playing Area Ball

I can't even say the chances are slim to none. There is zero chance that he'll be back here. That ship has sailed. Much as I liked Zeke, we don't need him now.

The dreaded Moreno Issue. 2008-2010. RIP.

Actually, the answer is (E); None of the above.
The CFL is no place for a rather slow run-stuffing 256 lb MLB who is weak on pass coverage.

Cobb had a Field Day with Zeke catching passes out of backfield
so did every other RB in the CFL that he weakest spot is pass Covage.
Why he should be playing Arena Ball or in the UFL