Do you think Winnipeg could win the gray cup

I think winnipeg could win the gray cup beause the tied in preseason againist Toronto I think it is Winnipegs best year though five year of nothing what do you think? do the have a chance?

Go Blue Bombers GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lets focus on earning a play-off spot in a tough division before we start talking about Grey Cup dreams. We'll leave that to Rider fans.

2001 ahould have been our year!!! damn you Calgary! :twisted:

this year were in a building year, I'd be surprised if we made the playoffs and down right stocked if we won the Cup.

Can you say Miami Dolphins?

I'm am a BB's fan, but I'm disapointed with the team this season.

I honestly don’t think that we could be that bad and thats kidna harsh that you would compare the Bombers to such a wreck of a team. Boo urns my friend, boo urns.


This is the CFL, anything is possible. Not likely, but possible. If the ticats can go 1-17 and then make the playoffs the next year, well...

If by the Bombers missing the grey cup and the plyoffs and sucking all season they are in the Big Game at home in 2006. I'm all for it.

I'll need that much time to get my liver in shape for grey cup week.

I will be happy if they are 9-9 this year. Anything more is gravey.

If I don't sound like a true blue bomber fan remember this. I had season tickets through the Renbold era. :slight_smile:

Come on KK and the rest of you, its a new season, how can you already be disappointed in the team, at least give them a few games before we write them off. 9 - 9 would be better then last year but after seeing how slow Mtl and Ham looked last night and how the bombers hung in with the Esks in the preseason tilts, I feel good about our chances this year. Winning the GC is stretch but at 40-1 or whatever we are its worth the bet.

i don't think the bomber could winthe grey cup.....not even a chance.

After last night, we have a long way to go!!! maybe this year just isn't our year.

That dolphin statment I made about Winnipeg is starting to come ture.

if we lost badly to a team that we beat all three times last year, where is the imporvement???

To be fair Kanga, two out of the three times we met them they were without Dominguez and Keith, two of their teams biggest staples. Also, Burris was still shaking off the rust that came with sitting on the Chicago Bears' bench and wasn't in top form. The team that we played last night was in top form. It's too bad we got off to such a nightmarish start. Due to all the uncertainty surrounding the Bombers, I think their confidence hangs by a thread, and when the first play of the year, not even the first play, the opening kick-off results in your being down by 7 in a hostile environment, it doesn't bode well for boosting that fragile confidence. To be honest, the two things that pissed me off most about last night's game was a) Undisciplined penalties, and b) The fact that Daley couldn't have been bothered to yank Glenn out of their after a frustrating night and try out Martin or Michna. I said this prior to the start of the season and I'll say it again. Glenn will not be this team's starting QB by the end of the year, and if he keeps up his current performance, he'll be riding the pine by week 3.

those of you who said that the blue bombers would win the grey cup did not specify the year? obviously you wern't talking about this year eh! and if you were i would like to suggest that you stop smoking crack right now,okay!

Oh sure, be a kill where did a put my rose coloured glasses?

Maybe the BB will win the Cup when the deacade is almost over, like in 2009. WHATCH OUT EVERYONE!!! IN 2009!

I say

2008: Hamilton beats Winnipeg
2009: Winnipeg beats Hamilton

this is one of my favourite threads of all time... :lol:(no offense to bomber fans)

Maybe you guys should concentrate on geting your first win before you even consider getting a playoff spot................