Do You Think we can still make the Playoffs???

We are 4 points back of Toronto and 5 points back of Edmonton for the X-over? Are we still in it? Do we have a shot? If the Cats can stay healthy, I say the Cats can do it!

how many games do you have to win to be in the playoffs, or do you guys go by points

Points or ranking whatever you list it as, but considering Edmonton and Toronto play each other twice in the last 5 games, one or both of them has to get at least 2 points, so they’d have to lose all other games and the 'Cats win all remaining games (including Winnipeg in Winnipeg next week). Plan for next year, and hope Popp stays coach in Montreal!

We would have to beat out both Toronto and Edmonton to avoid a Western crossover to the East.

Keep in mind Edmonton would have to have one extra point in the standings over the third-place East finisher to cross over -- a tie won't do it.

The Cats will likely have to win run the table to have a realistic shot, with Toronto falling off the map and Edmonton dithering enough for it to happen. I don't see the Cats beating BC and sweeping Saskatchwan, so I am skeptical.

Oski Wee Wee,

It is a long shot, but, if the Cats can keep the fire going that was started last night AND stay healthy, it is a shot. We can hope.


Not a chance!The turnovers last night won the game.Williams showed the best quarterbacking we’ve seen in a few years but the receivers that we have are far inferior to those on all the other teams.They just can’t get any separation from dbs.Also the coaches have decided not to run Lumsden(4 carries in the 1st half)

We can finish tied with Edmonton and still get in... its the finishing ahead of Toronto part that makes it tougher.

2 wins, and plyoff talk....keep dreaming. Let's win the next 2 games and then talk



In the words of the great Milt Stegall (spoken in 2005 about the Bombers)

"We are not mathematically out of it, but they haven't invented the math we need, yet"

I'd be happy to be in the hunt next year. Their chances this year are 1 in a 100. Absolutely, everything would have to go right for the Cats and everything wrong would have to happen to the Argos and Esks. I guess theoretically it could happen but extremely unlikely.

But as long as they play entertaining, competitive football, I can wait til 2008.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm one to say never say never!

As long as the Ticats still have a chance...I'm optomistic. However, having said that I'm also a realist and I'm looking forward to seeing the team further develop and I think we will see some great games this year!

One game at a time!

Where done like Dinner .
Plan for next season .
Get Casey use the Taafee Offence.
Continue to Build Our Defence.

If the Ti-cats can upgrade their O-line, they'll be one pain in the arse team to play next season. Even with a mediocre receiving corps the 1-2 punch of Lumsden and Printers on the ground, with a good Oline to open up holes and protect the QB, the Ti-cats could be pretty good next season.

It'd be like the 1-2 threat of Burris and Reynolds, except I think that Lumsden and Printers would be even more effective.

:lol: :lol: :lol: Two wins and your in the playoffs. Rider fans rejoice there are fans that are more delusional then you.

being In the east division, the Tabbies are not out of the playoffs yet!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The fat lady has been singing all season long.

If we manage to get out of last place in the league, then I'll start thinking about playoffs. Until then, let's focus on playing some hard nosed football.

Well if they add another 10 games to the schedule you might have a chance.

the cats should work for 2008, just play the spoiler role, and work on new plays, and maybe these high school coordinators/assistants can bring in some high school trick plays like the fire drill, statue of liberty, flea-flicker, water bucket.