Do you think this trade would have happenned?

I read this on sportsnet and the link is follows.

Basically the argos were trying to sign printers so they could trade him to hamilton for Loescher. Do you think that if printers had agreed to sign with argos that Hamilton would have been desperate enough to trade away McKay?

Personally I dont think it would have happenned.

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if that's true then you can see why most of canada cannot stand the toronto argos especially here.

Gotta admit it was a good idea. I still don't think we would have given up McKay.

Nor do I
Right now he is our Pass Rush with Clinton Wayne.

Can you imagine the pass rush without Nautyn? Yikes!

I wonder if the signing bonus that tipped the scales in our favour is counted towards the salary cap? And if so, what year or would it be prorated over the course of the contract?

Seems like a smart move on Marcel and Co.'s part to one up the Als and the ____s. It is about time the team utilizes the one resource that the team has never had the luxury of having in the past. $$$!

Now it is up to Dan Rambo's super computer to spit out some defensive ends and offensive tackles and we will be laughing.

All I ask is for so precious little ... Beat the ____s on Labour Day!

  • paul

Glad this didn't happen. Man, the Cats really showed they were serious on this one, holy shiite!

would have loved to see bishop and printers stuck with each other on a cap filled, torn argo team.

This doesn't surpise me, the Argo's did the same thing with Kevin Glenn, they traded for him then shippedhim right off to Winnipeg. Also we could gotten him for next to nothing, all we had to do is trade Tim Cheatwood. A q.b is more improtant than a defensive end, they'd be nuts not to trade Mcay for Printers.

We wouldn't have traded McKay for Printers, but I hope we can trade Maas for another DE to HELP McKay.

maybe we'll trade maas to toronto now for jeff johnson LOL.
good to see the big city get outbid for once.

Right now we need to Soild Tackles More
Then CB and a DE..

If in fact Toronto did get outbid, man that must bug them to no end. They probably don't mind the New York's, Boston's etc. outbidding them but Hamilton, ouch, that's tough on the big city ego for sure.

note to all the bob young bashers....i'll bet you the grant/macdonald ownership wouldn't had been able to sign casey for 5oo grand a year.

They were able to sign Rosenbaugh for 500 k a year.

They would have signed him but I don't think he'd have fun every time he went to cash his check lol.

so what now with Maas, Chang and Richie?? we can't have 4 QB's who's out??

Plus just wait Printers

if argos would have got loescher in a trade by out bidding us i woulda puked.
that wouldn't make any sense