Do you think there will be a partial CFL season in 2020?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thought I would put up a poll with all the discussion going on about the CFL playing in 2020. My opinion is no because the CFL needs fans in the seats.

I'm leaning towards the no camp. I think the league is running out of runway but looking at all possible options beforehand.

Hope I'm mistaken

There will be football. Even if its a 10 or 11 game season with no fans (other than scroungers & stadium/league employees) in the stands.
When you place your bet - always bet on greed first.

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[quote="Lyle_B_Style, post:4, topic:67795"]

There will be football. Even if its a 10 or 11 game season with no fans (other than scroungers & stadium/league employees) in the stands.
When you place your bet - always bet on greed first.

[/quote I agree, how can the CFL bow down as an inferior league when all other sports will go on. It is a must for the CFL to play this year.

I think yes. The Sask government is now allowing up to 150 in church services and graduations and this is stage 3. Stage 4 will start soon. I think it'll be a reduced capacity but some fans will be able to be at games.

Considering our PM just marched in a "protest" with thousands of other people there, I'm not sure how they can reasonably say no. If these protests were safe, then I'm not sure how they can argue a football game is not

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It is getting frustrating when you hear the NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS have all come up with a plan and a date to start, but the CFL can't get it together. Put your big boy pants on and do what it takes to make it work. Like all corporations there comes a year(s) of loss, throw in all your write-offs and bad debts,chalk it up to C-19, do what you have to do to make sure there is a season this year. Start thinking about a new business model for next year now. Your players are frustrated, your fans are frustrated...... You can't cancel 2020 and think 2021 is going to be better.


Exactly. Good business minded people adjust with what's thrown at you. Mark your losses this season, and plan on how you'll make up for it over the next 3-5. Even if that means some revenue sharing among the teams

MLB has no date to start and their fighting with the PA makes the CFL's look like a play date.

The owners at MLS threatened to lock out the players after many refused to go to training camp before they announced their Back in Play tournament.

NHL and NBA has an advantage that they got most of their regular season in so there's more money to go around. Even then it took them over 3 months to announce plans. Plans that are still not 100% finalized with the NHL

Most of these leagues have large enough TV deals to play with no fans for a while. With the CFL losing their number 1 source of revenue in the process and to have their plans approved by health officials in many provinces is no easy feat.

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Revenue sharing seems to make sense, but it's pretty clear the CFL's current cost structure is not sustainable. Ambrosie mentioned this twice recently. If the league manages to survive COVID (not a sure thing at this point), it seems pretty clear it is going to have to find a way to get salaries and other expenses reduced substantially. There is no big win on the horizon with respect to revenue, especially with COVID taking a serious toll on the overall economy.

NHL/NBA/MLB "plans" are still a long way from anything starting ... target dates are set but still negotiating with their PAs on the specifics of what will happen ... even training camp format/rules is are not "approved" yet

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CFL, Ambrosie & a couple anxious CFL CEOs are trying to rob the cradle before hatching the baby.

In other words, they're still too fixated on getting the Trudeau govt. to repair financial damage to the teams and the league before launching their back to football plan!

As stated earlier, If the PM can be involved in a protest with few social distancing, why can you not only have a game, but a game with fans.
I think its more up to the players and the CFLPA. Instead of waiting on the league, lets hear the players make a stance and say we want to play. Get the association backing and put it on the table. I think the players have more risk than the average fan as they will be the ones in the closest contact with other players.

If you can get 10k to 15k of fans to games, at least it will minimize the losses.

New system needs to be implemented. Still not sure having teams paying one player 700k+ is a smart move for the overall league. Whether its up to the teams or league, top salaries should not be more than 10% of a teams salary cap.

Maybe as a league, they can find other benefits to players that would entice them to stay in the league.

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For sure even if it is likely to suck or the champion will be always with an * especially when any given team has to have players sot out due to illness.

For example, only greed is the remaining push for the college sports of football and basketball in the US now. It makes zero health sense to have even those games given the evidence already on the ground and already early cases in even practice like at Alabama.

On that note one cannot believe fully so-called reports on "progress" by ESPN and TSN given their vested interests in reporting only positive developments as we wait and wait.

Consider for example that we heard with understandable enthusiasm, the NHL plan 3 weeks ago and here we are still with nothing firm.

The MLB discussions have turned into a sick joke but now there strong voices that there will be a season of at least 50-something games no matter what. That is about 1/3 of a regular season. :hushed:

The CFLPA is never going to go for reduced salaries or do anything that harms their members. CFL players don't make huge coin as is. If this happens (which it won't) you can expect to see a large decrease in the quality of play and the CFL will put itself out of business.

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I would pay $50/game to watch from home. Maybe we can get a ppv model going?

TSN has online streaming where you can pay for a day pass or do monthly. You can watch any sport and CFL games that are on. TSN has the CFL rights. I did this last year.

I agree with you but I think they are probably being pushed by TSN to increase talent levels to maintain tv contracts

Never? While it appears somewhat more militant than in the past, the PA has made a lot of concessions over the past three-plus decades, including acceptance of salary cuts at times. It won't be helping its members if a refusal to entertain tighter control on costs prompts owners to walk away. That may seem far-fetched to some, but IMO it is not out of the question. The business model appears to be unworkable with the current cost and revenue structure, and I don't see any significant new revenue sources on the horizon.

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