Do you think the CFL wil expand to a 10 team league by 2010

I`m tired of discussing the qb situation but wanted to know your opinions on the cfl expanding to 10 teams by 2010. Do you think it could happen?? Get Ottawa back in the east. Maybe a team in the maritimes. Therefore having a 5 team west and East.

I think it would be great for Canadian fans and in starting new rivalries.


Before I respond I have a question, is this an official expansion thread or an un-official one? :wink:

Im fairly new. But I would have to say unofficial. Im sure this has been a topic before but I would still like to hear opinions

No stadium exists in Halifax and Moncton that is CFL-ready. ZERO chance of that happening by 2010, IMHO.

Yes, it would be nice. Unless Melnyk is on Cohon's speed dial, I am skeptical about Ottawa. It will eventually re-happen, but only Melnyk would have the gravitas to get the city to sell Lansdowne Park (including Frank Clair Stadium) to a private interest in the timeframe necessary to make a CFL club viable there.

Oski Wee Wee,

Two more teams in the league by 2010? Not a chance. If we're lucky, we'll get Ottawa back by 2010. And if we're even luckier and the Ottawa franchise stabilizes, we might get another team by 2015 ... maybe.

Ottawa first, Quebec City second. 5 teams in each division. May take a while though...

that`s too bad about the maritimes. I think Ottawa has got a shot to get their team back by 2010

I really think the cfl could use some new blood. I can`t think offhand which city the league could get for a 10th team?

see above post. Quebec City.

sure, Quebec City. Montreal and Quebec would have a good rivalry.

I think Quebec City has a better shot at getting a team than Ottawa right now. I know there's the stadium in Ottawa, but football is thriving in Quebec right now and I think that's the most logical place to go. Ottawa's luck may have run out with the Renegades.

And no, I don't think the league will be up to 10 teams in the near future. But it sure would make things a lot easier.

Yes, maybe.

But Ottawa has so much history and it was great having them in the league.

Your right about football thriving in Quebec. that could be some great football between Montreal-Quebec.

It would be awesome to see this league get to 10 teams.

It was nice for everyone else to have a team in Ottawa, but having worked out of there for the past couple of years - I just can't see them getting another team any time soon.
For one thing, the Senators only sell out with the walk up crowd on game days even when they have a terrific exciting product like last year. Incidentally, on the Tuesday night of the playoff opener (Wednesday) there were still a few thousand tickets left (although Game 2 was sold out because it was a Saturday night).
There is a small corps of dedicated CFL fans in Ottawa and the local sports radio station Team 1200 still talks CFL with host Glenn Kulka, but it's not widespread enough for anyone to bring another team in. Also, the Gliebermans really made a mockery of the franchise which left a bad taste in many people's mouths. It's disappointing really, especially since it increased the number of Ticat games I could get to from Brockville but it's just not going to happen.

Quebec City is an interesting idea but I have no idea about the viability since I limit my cross border adventures to Mt. Tremblant and Montreal for the 'wildlife', the Ticats, and the occasional match de hockey.

I would agree that Quebec City is a safer bet than the Maritimes for expansion as of right now. There would have to be a big expansion of Laval's staudium, but it is doable. The conditions are ripe from a fan standpoint. A Montreal-Quebec City rivalry would be off the charts!

Oski Wee Wee,

Couple of thoughts:

  1. Stadiums: beyond the lack of proper stadiums in Halifax or Moncton, there was some discussion in spring that Ottawa has plans to tear down the football stadium because the city believes the real estate is worth more as a commercial or residential development. And, apparently, neither university in Ottawa has a field suitable for the CFL. In which case, new owners would have to be found quickly before the stadium goes. Maybe someone from Ottawa could update us on this.

  2. Salary cap: if I'm a prospective new owner, I want to see if the new cap is actually enforced over two or more years.

As the league has stated in the past, they want to do expansion right, rather than do it fast. So it might well be beyond 2010 before we see more teams.

Seems like the Roughriders are selling out their games, so why not renamed the Saskatchewan Roughriders to the Regina Roughriders and create a new team in Saskatoon and call them the Saskatoon Bridges.

And it's about time we rename the B.C. Lions to the Vancouver Lions and make a new team called the Victoria Islanders.

Of course, Toronto has enough of a sizable population to hold two CFL teams. ala New York.

Then there's the City of Kitchener with the 11th largest metro area in Canada. We'll call this new team the Kitchener McMasters.

Now we need to add more teams to the Eastern Conference. Here's it's obvious to add Quebec City. We'll call them the Quebec Nordiques to trick people into thinking they're going to watch a hockey game.

The Ottawa Renegades returns to the league.

And we know it's not fair for the three canadian provinces in the east to not have a football team. So we'll make one in Halifax. But instead, we'll call them the New Brunswick (similiar to New England Patriots)

So, in a few years, the CFL will look like this with 15 teams and 8 teams going into the playoffs:

Calgary Stampeders
Edmonton Eskimos
Regina Roughriders
Saskatoon Bridges
Winnipeg Bluebombers
Vancouver Lions
Victoria Islanders

Hamilton Tigercats
Kitchener McMasters
Montreal Allouettes
New Brunswick Patriots
Ottawa Renegades
Quebec Nordiques
Toronto Argonauts
Toronto Internationals

I'm usually quite optimistic, but I just can't see it happening. God I hope I'm wrong.

I've yet to see that happen and (unfortunately) I don't think this is going to be the first time. :wink:

Really?? Then you are the best TiCat fan I have ever known (and a sweet one too). :wink: :smiley:

I always thought so...


Halifax is in Nova Scotia.