Do you think the Bombers are getting sore...

...after being forced to pull last minute wins out of their butts this season?

....oh ..i bet there's all kinds of aches and pains this late in the year...I think the worst is the 'pain in the arse' when they have to keep seeing and hearing the stuff like you have in your avy :roll: ...Funny how things get to feel better though after a nice win :wink:Got swag :rockin: :rockin: :lol:

I'm sure they're feeling pretty darn good today as opposed to the Als.

Sure they prefer to win in the last minute than lose.

as oppoosed to last year when the lost 9 games by less than like 4 points?

you are earning a gary lawless rep around here.. i see you start the topic.. most times i dont even look cuz its the same garbage every time.

football games are 60 minutes long. the team who plays to the end of the game usually wins.

but hey the original topic... i wonder how sore you will be when you pull your head out of your a$$