do you think miles should play 2010 or coach

B.C. safety Barron Miles led the CFL in interceptions with eight. He had one against Edmonton on Friday, giving him 66 overall to tie Larry Highbaugh for second on the all-time list behind Canadian Football Hall of Fame member Less Browne (87).

If he still has the wheels, let him play. His experience will be hard to replace. Still have to work in Tad Crawford though.

I say let him back up Crawford as a playing coach, he knows more about secondaries than any other person on the Lions staff, coaches included, and with him as a capable backup to Crawford, we have no worries about the position, maybe Wally should have gone that route with our Linebackers, rather than cleaning house to Hamilton.

WTH? Did I miss something in Miles' play this year? He sure looks like a starter (AND star) until he retires to me.

And are you guys lobbying to get rid of Mark Washington? (the current DB coach) What did he do so wrong?

I say keep Miles on the field. He's still dominant out there and will help us win games. Crawford will continue to learn from Miles (although not as fast as if he were out there playing games and making mistakes).

Most importantly, there are other changes that need to be made on D (i.e. Johnson, Marsh,...) so keeping Miles will add some stability and leadership.

I agree that Miles should stay as a coach, and work with Crawford. I think Crawford can cover more ground quicker, and his height advantage allows him more reach.

KEEP MILES, he still has wheels and energy and the love of the spot, I don't see his age affecting anything, he is tied for second, lets make him get first, why make him a coach?