Do You Think It's Done??? POLL

lol, care to wager that the Argonauts will be in BMO for 2016 ????

You were berated because you said that Bell would buy the Argonuats by themselves, which isn't going to happen. Even last year Dave Naylor wrote that Tanenbaum by himself or Bell and Tanenbuam would buy the Argonauts if Rogers wouldn't get involved. You are the only person that has ever stated that Bell would be the Argonauts by themselves, and I'll tell you again it ain't going to happen. You put a ridiculous amount of stock and assumptions into TSN being the CFL's tv parter (which could change by 2018-2019)

The Argonauts deal is tied into the MLSE lease, 19 -20 years, so when will this magical suburban Argonauts only stadium be built, after 20 years ?

Because I can tell you that, the more likely case is a huge development in the Portlands (25 years away) with a new Leafs/Raptors arena, plus a COMBINED TFC/Argonauts stadium, is much more likely.

Let me know when you return from Never Neverland.

Should have posted Downsview and/or the Portlands for any new potential stadium and arena.

LOL Bell gaining a partner to buy the Argo's is smart. Fact is they are still buying them as I said. Talk about a dream world TSN not being the CFLs TV partner in 2018-2019???? There may be an additional Network covering the CFL as well but TSN is not going anywhere. CFL will not let TSN go nor why would TSN want to go. TSN and ESPN give the CFL free coverage of the CFL on the most popular digital sports Network on WatchESPN. And yes it is basically free with both TSN Broadcast and ESPN Broadcast now sharing their content
It does not have to be a stadium in the suburbs that is just my thought. Could build near the other venues in Exhibition place.
Time to come out of the dark ages and into the millennium.
Look back just 5-10 years. The thought of Ottawa succeeding, new stadiums in Ottawa and Hamilton (two dead or dying CFL cities at the time), and TSN partnering with a rival telecommunications company like Shaw. You would have said all of that is just plain crazy. Never happen. return from neverland....... LOL.

Again you stated that BELL would go it alone. I and many others have stated multiple times that Tanenbaum wanted the own the Argonauts for quite some time now.

I never stated that TSN and the CFL would break up, stated that it could change. Which it most likely will and there are already indications that an over the air network will become involved.

Where is there room to build yet another Stadium at exhibition place, have you ever been there ?

Ask anyone who has followed the CFL for the last 3 decades if the fanbase was the problem in Ottawa. Actually once OSEG was announced as the owners, a lot of people even on here stated that if they can't make it work it never will. Hamilton's issue was ownership and a stadium (location will still present as a problem over time).

The idea of Shaw becoming the largest sponsor of the CFL and collaborating on programming that TSN has done in the past isn't that shocking. Shaw and Bell actually have a pretty good relationship as does Shaw and Rogers. Would I or anyone else have predicted that shaw would getting the presenting rights, probably not, but it's not shocking at all.

I really need to learn to just ignore your idiotic posts.

I agree please ignore my idiotic posts.
Thank you.

and I will ignore your post stating the Bell/LT deal is tied to the MLSE and the BMO field. I dont see a source for that. As you stated that as a fact.

You dont need to explain your opinions to me, explain what you think or dont think is shocking, or whether the location of TD place will present a problem over time. Your entlitled to your opinions

We try to, but sometimes it's difficult the way you ramble on aimlessly without any factual basis. Maybe proper paragraphs would help.

I'm not trying to dump on you cflsteve, but given that you tend to usually write long posts, complete instead of partial sentences and better punctuation would make your posts easier to read, whatever the content may be.
I find I stop reading your posts after the first few sentences because it is hard to figure out where a sentence (or partial sentence) ends or begins.

An email to Steve, rather than a post that everyone can read, might have been a better route.

Thats a fair assessment. I do try to point out that what i say is of my opinion and prediction. Don't misunderstand that I am stating things as fact. Just my perception from what I have seen develop in not just the CFL. Also within how ownership groups, Networks, and corporate sponsors have and are developed in models for sports in general.
Things what some may think are coming out of left field. I see as a potential possibility based on what I have seen and are seeing.

Also thanks Kevin.