Do You Think It's Done??? POLL

Where do you think we stand?

  1. Nothing is done. The team still has no owner or home.
  2. Argos have a home (BMO) but no owner.
  3. Argos have an owner (Tanen-Bell) but no lease at BMO - Rogers is holding up the deal.
  4. Argos have an owner (MLSE) and home (BMO) but they're waiting for the right time to announce.
  5. Argos have an owner (Tanen-Bell) and home (BMO) but they're waiting for the right time to announce.

I left out "Argos have an owner (MLSE) but no home (yet)" because that makes no logical sense.

argos have an owner

You know what I mean.

I do? How about that. I must be smarter than I thought I was :wink:

How about one more choice:

  1. Kevin seems like a nice guy but is completely OBSESSED and uncomfortably BOTHERED by the whole Argos to BMO thing.

To give Kevin the benefit of the doubt, although I think it's overplayed how important this is to the CFL, it actually is important to some degree to the CFL and TSN to get this thing wrapped up so we can move on. The Argos are still important to the CFL, well obviously as a team, and to Bell and TSN and obviously to Rogers as well for holding up the deal as we know and discussing it on McCown's show a fair bit.

I mean we are talking about the team that has won the most national football championships of Canada and the Grey Cup and in Canada's largest city. They are important regardless.

I don't think Rogers expected David Braley or anyone to keep the team alive once the locals Cynamon and Sokolowski jumped ship. Combined with Rogers thinking they had the Bills "in the bag".

The CFL crew and extended family hasn't left Toronto and the Argos even if a lot of Torontonians have left the Argos.

Thanks, Earl. Not sure why J5V felt the need to make a post like that but... c'est la vie.

It still will be nice to have this over and done with. When you live in Southern Ontario, you root for the Argos' success. This will (hopefully) help.

All derailed by the "Bills in Toronto" thing. Imagine if Rogers had of been on board with Bell from the beginning to promote and market the Argos huge. I think we'd be talking close to sellouts every game at the baseball friendly Rogers Centre.

But that is all in the past. We is where we is.

If I could put half a vote in different categories. Guess multiple votes are not allowed ? :expressionless:

Partially 1- I wouldn't say 'Nothing' is done. But I think there are still some t's to cross and i's to dot.
Partially 4 - It's where I think it will end up but would really like to see 5.

What's the score in the Blue Jays game?
Isn't that why we come to CFL Forum?
What's this silliness about the Argos?

Bell owning the Argo's is a done deal. That will be announced before the season.
BMO will not be an option in 2016. Bell will take ownership of the Argo's and will continue to work out a deal to get BMO ready for 2017 ail be the goal.
Reason? yes Rogers is still holding things up for BMO. Also once Bell owns Argo's they will generate more revenue through Corporate sponsors. Also they will be take the Argo's out of the Shadows and Market them across their Multi Media Assetts in GTA and southern ontario.

Prediction. Bell will take advantage of the low lease cost at Rogers Centre. Rogers take its Lions share of concessions, parking etc. Bell does not care and will likely host the 2016 GC and begin getting more people to games and generate more sponsor revenue as a way to offset that. Including getting more of their corporate partners across every Bell/TSN platform into the suites for games.
These same corporate partners will buy sponsor space for games at BMO in end zones and anywhere else that can be seen on TV and at games that will cover the costs for adding CFL phase 3. to be ready for 2017 season.

Long term plan will be to build a stadium for Argo's and everything CFL and every Toronto area sports and entertainment event.
Events that are unable to get into the Crowded Blue Jays schedule at RC or not aloud at the World Class field at BMO.
Bell with plenty of partners will build and own it and it will be the peoples venue.

2-1 Baltimore. Go Orioles!!! :slight_smile:

Where do you come up with this stuff ?
2016 in BMO is the goal, I really don't understand why you continually state that 2017 is the earliest date.
It's Tananbaum and Bell not just Bell. You put way too much stock on TSN being the CFL's tv partner.

Long term plan is to build another stadium in the GTA ?????????????

You have to think the long term plan is for Toronto to have an excellent football facility that can be expanded as such into a NFL venue if the need arises or take the Argos to the limit. The NFL isn’t interested in either RC or BMO and Bell might be able to do, with Tanenbaum and anyone else, a top rated facility where the football team IS the primary tenant and controls everything. Again, that isn’t RC or BMO, it would be another facility. This is way down the line though.

But first things first and one step at a time. BMO will suffice and be an excellent test for the Argos under excellent local ownership with clout. If that doesn’t work, and I think it will though, then all bets are off for anything.

You talking 20+ years from now ?

I can't put a time line on this though. Again these are just my personal thoughts, that's all. No source at all.

MLSE just signed a new 20 year lease agreement for BMO.

Two billion dollars for a stadium and another billion for a team makes it very, very unlikely that the NFL will ever come to Toronto or Canada. Governments aren't going to be blackmailed for money up here as they are south of the border.

lets just wait and see how this plays out. 2016 gives them less then a year to complete Phase 2 anywhere near the start of MLS season. Bell does have a nice stake in MLS as well. add Phase three for the CFL on top of that.
I was once berated for thinking that Bell would go outside MLSE to buy the Argo’s and pay for the Phase 3 CFL plans.
Again Bell is invested in MLS and Canada National soccer. TFC signed another 20 year lease for BMO. within that time you dont think the idea of building a CFL stadium for the Argos plus so many other uses will not be among the plans.
Open up your mind and eyes and see what is going on. Go back 20 years and look at the sports infrastructure and how it has developed, where and how it has developed in Canada.