Do you think B.C. Place will be ready?


Just counting the days when we have our first game, scheduled for September 30. I recently drove by B.C. Place Stadium but it looks like they are eons away from finishing. Do you think it will actually be ready as planned or might we be playing out the season at Empire Field? It could still be ready for the play offs and the Grey Cup.

I thought it was looking pretty good from the webcam shots! Pumped for some Lions and Whitecaps action at the new stadium, it's gonna be sweet.

NO and rumour is that the CFL has quietly made contingency plans, in the event they have to move the GC to Edmonton.

Is there any word on when single-game tix go on sale? I want to get to Empire before it closes and have a Vcr trip planned for early September.

Worriewd whether the dome will be ready on time? Today is May 10th. The first Leos game in the new and improved BC Place Stadium is Sept. 30th, nearly five months away. Take a chill pill.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

People....take it easy. I work on the 14th floor 401 W. Georgia St. and I get a bird's eye view into BC Place and the construction. They are supposed to put the fabric for the permanent roof up this month and from what I see it is pretty close now so it will be ready for Sept 30th. Actually they are supposed to hold an open house for the public on Sept 25th where you can walk out on the field and see it from that vantage point.

Every day I check it out my window... so will let you know when they start installing the roof.

Can't wait for the season to start. :roll:

Thanks LeoFan10. Much appreciated. And thanks for the courteous neighborly reply.

Go get an enema Dooger. Why can't you just give a civil answer without being so freaking confrontational when someone asks a question? Do you have to have so much drama in your life? Look at the courteous way LeoFan responded. Take a few notes sometime.

I'm well aware what the date is and I also know that projects can run into glitches and delays and before you know it..........
So chillax yourself!

To be honest with you beagle I wouldn't mind having a playoff game, and Grey cup game playing at old empire one last time, before we move over to BC PLACE. Mind you I haven't had the chance to see Empire stadium for a game yet so i better find some time off..

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This is how I remember Old Empire Stadium back in the day; except they didn't have the two post uprights when I saw my first game there in 1970.

I hear ya Lions40. That sure would be nostalgic. My wife and I haven’t had a chance to get to Empire Field either so we must get in a game there before it is all just a memory. Take your ear plugs. I hear the foot stomping is really something else.

Those old pics sure take me back too.

Even though it's unlikely to happen, I wouldnt be dissappointed to see another full season at Empire before moving back under the, erm, dome (tarp? tent?). We have all been spoiled this past season with such a wonderful temporary stadium. If you haven't enjoyed a game there yet, hurry down for a game - Sitting on the 35 yard line in Empire isnt 1 kilometer away from the field like it feels at BC Place.

This is for backer@oldclarke. This was Empire in 1970 looking southeast. Coincidentally, this was the first game I can remember attending as a kid. September 13, 1970 vs Winnipeg.

As for last year’s Empire experience, I really enjoyed it. Sure, it was no frills, but I loved the intimacy, atmosphere, sight lines and mountain views - all things that $563 million won’t bring. Overall, I think more people would have enjoyed Empire had the team put in a better show. Too many games just weren’t that entertaining. It’s funny how much winning and losing changes one’s perception.

[quote="rhymes with orange"]This is for backer@oldclarke. This was Empire in 1970 looking southeast. Coincidentally, this was the first game I can remember attending as a kid. September 13, 1970 vs Winnipeg.[/qoute]

Thanks for the pic of old Empire Stadium. I thought it was 1970 for me but (after checking the stats from back then) it was Sept.7th 1968 vs Sask. I remembered the score being 14-8 Roughriders.

Just looked at the live web cam of BC Place and the interior looks awsome. They have the roof open and the new turf is in place just needs to be cut to size and the lines painted . They are working on the new video boards and it looks like a few more seats need to be added. But other then that it looks awsome. Now they just need a new name.

It's going to be a special treat when I get to see the inside on Oct. 29th vs Edmonton. Looking forward to the 3D replay screen, bigger seats (cup holders) and better food for my son to enjoy.

I thought I had read a while back that the reno also included a hotel and casino attached to B.C. Place. Is this accurate, and if so, is that part of the project also finished?

Yes, there are plans for not just one hotel but two as well as a very large casino. The large casino was voted down by Vancouver counsel, however the adjacent casino [Edgewater] may still become involved. The talk is that Edgewater will relocate beside the stadium but on a smaller scale than first proposed. They have yet to decide whether or not they will do this. I don't know what is happening regarding the hotels.