Do you support our GM, coach?

Seriously guys do you want a GM that talks good or puts a good product on the field. Yes he patronizes the fans big deal. Look at the product on the field and the fact he brought Austin in to be the coach. Who the hell cares if he patronizes you. You had Shivers that lipped you off and some of you liked it right Arius.

Hold the presses, I figured it out!

My detective work has finally uncovered why Mikey hates Tillman so much.

Mikey was Mrs Tillmans high school lover. When she met Eric she dumpped Mikey. Thats why Mikey has such bitter feelings toward Eric. It now makes sense!

Realisticlly mike if you are going to support austing you almost need to support tillman since he took so much grief for even bringing austin in, in the first place, do you honestly think anyone else would have taken a chance on him after being used as the scape goat in TO. Another upside of Tillman is he always makes himself available for media interviews and even replies to fan questioins on the riderzone, how many other gms take the time to do this. As for the players being shivers and barretts players this is not the case with all of them, yes some are but tillman got rid of the dead wood and put himself in a position by loading up on young o linemen to be able to make a bold trade for wes cates while only giving up a 34 year old back up. Calgary was not the only team he fleeced in trades may i remind you, think back to hamilton. A lot of these players on this team are ones that tillman brought here or into the league. There are some good young players that are the result of tillman and maybe even possibly a young quarterback for the future in Drew Tate, when was the last time shivers did this. Either way sit back and enjoy the good times while they last, seeing as we havent been in this situation for quite some time!!!

Leonard, I have given Tillman some credit in terms of the football side of the operation. Not as much as some people think he should get. But some, my issue has always been his professionalism in the job. He doesn't have very much....

I hope this board gets better in September when all of you nutbars are back in high school. Because right now, any half-bright 8th grader sounds about as mature....

Woh woh hold the horses on the 70% thing

Going off of last weeks roster for the BC game

46 man roster

23 offensive players, 11 of thoes players are new

21 Deffensive players, 9 of wich are new (including scott gordon you can subtract him if you want)

2 Kickers 1 of wich is new

Out of 46 dressed players 21 of them are first year Riders (or first year back in the system) wich gives us 45% new roster over last year, so I wouldn't go so crazy on the whole these are DB and RS players thing

Well the truely unimaginable has happend, i have actually grown tired of hissy fittin cat fights....thanks guys....Long live the Tillman regime and..... GO RIDERS

Artie you giving Mikeboy that much edjamacation!

Well mikeboy it seems not one rider fan agrees with you so far. Truly sad. PM Arius he just might back you on this one.

I liked that Roy Shivers spoke his mind though.

You know whats funny about that statement? Im probably the only one in high school. Gr 12 this year lol...

Hey! I take offense to that... minus the high school part because im a few years past that, but I will be in school.

The following is the list that I used...38 people for Shiver and 20 for Tillman equals 66%. I didn't include the reserves or the injured who have never dressed a regular season game.

Shiver's People.
51 Adams Marcus
1 Armstead Jason
16 Atogwe Imokhai
25 Bracey Shermar
22 Cherniawski Dustin
97 Chick John
37 Clovis Tristan
10 Congi Luca
8 Crandell Marcus
29 Davis Eddie
88 Dominguez Matt
14 Durant Darian
83 Fantuz Andrew
43 Fleiszer Tim
15 Frazier Lance
59 Frenette Jocelyn
26 Gordon Scott
2 Grant Corey
86 Hoffart Nathan
32 Hughes Neal
9 Hunt Reggie
19 Johnson James
46 Jones Kitwana
4 Joseph Kerry
79 Jurineack Terrell
47 Lloyd Maurice
31 Lucas Sean
60 Makowsky Gene
45 McCullough Mike
42 McKenzie Anton
94 Mitchell Kyle
95 Mullinder Luc
20 Nkeyasen Kennedy
54 O'Day Jeremy
41 Perry Fred
21 Robinson Rontarius
96 Schultz Scott
33 Szarka Chris

Tillman's People
67 Abou-Mechrek Mike
81 Azzi David
64 Best Chris
30 Boreham Jamie
76 Carter Yannick
20 Cates Wes
27 Childs Henri
62 Feugill John
82 Flick D.J.
58 Johnson Belton
57 Jones Jermese
24 Justin Airabin
15 Kornegay, Tad
35 Lynch Brandon
77 McKoy, Dave
84 Mitchell, Jason
87 Murphy, Yo
57 Parenteau, Marc
52 Smith Wayne
82 Washington Michael

Injured or Reserve haven’t dressed for Regular Season Game
93 Freeman Eddie
28 Heard David
11 Tate Andrew
89 Hill Kahlil
50 Jones Brian
3 Dokes Dre

Hey redwhite2005: I could always create a poll. How would you rate Tillman's Professional conduct?

Very unprofessional
Somewhat unprofessional

But then again that would be to baised....wouldn't it...

Mike most Rider fans are tired of you. Sick and tired of you.

We play Toronto. We are the surprise in the CFL. If we win you won't be happy. Thats how much you want Tillman to fail. But if the Riders win its Shivers team. If the Riders lose its Tillmans fault. You embarrass Rider fans. You embarrass yourself.

I supported Shivers. I supported Barrett. I thought it was time for a change. If they had kept them I would have supported them. Even though I wanted a change. Thats because I am a Riders fan.

I have a poll

is Mike a jerk?

most of the time

all the time

all the time and needs to see doctor

your roster is of to. Tillman brought Fred Perry into the CFL. Tillman brought O'Day in the CFL. Both in Toronto if Rod Pederson is right from what he said on the radio. I know Perry. I heard Perry talking about it and thanking him for doing it on the radio.

Joseph and Armtead to Ottawa.

My vote. all the time and needs to see doctor.

Think Tillman brought Chick and Frazier in to here. Maybe more on your list.

This was the first post to catch my attention on my first perusal of this thread...
I am of course guessing as to why this list exists, but I would bet a lot my guess is close.....

Given a new coach, and a new GM, the Riders have, compared to the rest of the league, relatively few new faces.
We have an astonishinly low number of rookies.
Teams with more changes than us are, for sure, Calgary, Hamilton, Montreal, Edmonton.
Winnipeg and TO have lots of changes, so I am unsure who has more.
The only team with for sure less changes than us is BVC, the Grey Cup champs.
And my guess is they are only a few players behind us in total change.

anyway, every year there are changes. With a new GM and coach, we have remarkably few changes.
One of the thihngs worth noting--and this is very important--is that as a "group" ET and KA and staff, they clearly recognized there was zero need to blow up the team and start over?
If that wetre their assessment, year one is when you do it, not year vtwo?
If you do it in year one, everyone will cut you some slack.
By maintaining the vast majority of the team as status quo, they have in fact acknowlegded the excellent job of their predecessors....

Anyway, a number of 70% is accurate.
2/3s of the starters were starters last year.
Of the nine "new" starters, 3 were found by Roy.
So only 25% of this years " starters" are new.
That means 75% of the "starters" are Roy" guys. I'll concede it is tough to tell if Stancil is a starter.

I sincerely doubt the differnce in % which includes back-ups is significantly different than last year.
We actually have FEWER new starters on defence at least than last year.
I forgot the mythology says that Roy/Danny never replaced a vet in 7 years....

I'll go read the other posts now....

I am going to cut to the chase here.
Name the quarterbacks Et has brought into the league, inpart, or wholly.
Kerry Joseph. Drew Tate.

Name the quarterbacks thar Roy Shivers has wholly, or in part brought to the CFL.
Kevin Glenn, jeff Garcia, Henry Burris, Dave Dickenson.
Can't think of anyone else at the moment.

And I was reasonably happy with all the young o-linemn we brought in.
The irony is, we gave up 34 year old Lazeo, but now we need to bring in 104 year old Val St. Germain?
Really, ET makes a good move.
Then he follows up with something...lets be nice...questionable?

I'll just toss this out, because all the cool-aid drinkers will need to belly up to the trough--if we fleeced Hamilton so badly, how come the key to the trade couldn't start for Ron Lancaster towards seasons end and is now teetering on being a lost cause for the season due to a "bad back".
I'm being a nay-sayer I know, but one does wonder....

Honestly, when there is actually a dividend to be paid, great, but to many chickens are being counted when the hens are still laying.

Where does the parade start--next the bronze bust of ET, or down the street where the Austin statue will be erected?

Nice call!
I am the only one thus far to vote “no”.
Sambo, this is a stupid poll.
So was the one Mike ran.
Both of you should be equally proud.

Honestly, I only voted as I was curious to see the results.
I’ll be long dead before I comprehend what it means to “support the GM, coach”.

For the record (and the slow).
I am a Rider fan.
I support the coach and GM if they DO A GOOD JOB.
If they don’t, I am a Rider fan, and I DO NOT SUPPORT THE COACH AND GM.

I guess I am just old and easily confused by such a simple question…

I supported Shivers. [b]I supported Barrett.[/b] [i][u]I thought it was time for a change.[/u][/i] If they had kept them I would have supported them. Even though I wanted a change. Thats because I am a Riders fan.
I am really unsure as to what you mean. Did you support Danny up to and until you did not support him? Or did you just support him until you did not? Or maybe you supported him except for when you did not support him? You know. When you thought it was "time for a change"? Of course you very clearly supported him right up until you did not!!

I mean because you are a Rider fan?

Need you be reminded that there was a few guys by the name of DJ Flick and Jamie Boreham included in that trade as well as the number one choice in the second round, and by the way Val St. Germain is also 34 years old. Plus Arius how many of those quarterbacks ended up playing for the riders, i have never doubted shivers ability to find quality players but the only quarterback of the future that Roy ever brought in here is Butler and Durant, now maybe Durant will turn out to be good but he has been here for 3 years and has never been able to be any better then 3rd string. I liked Roy and Danny, but the bottom line is they never won. ET and Austin have not won either, but havent been here for a whole season yet, my point is lets give them a little slack untill the year is over and then start judging them.