Do you support our GM, coach?

You are deliberately being a jerk, Mikeyboy.....he's asking an honest question, and deserves to not have your pettiness brought into it.

If you can't remain civil, I'll simply remove the improper or offtopic posts.

and people call me stubborn...

Mike are you mental man? Never seen such a hate on for any coach or gm. Tillman must have cut you. Or you have to be related to Shivers or Barrett.

You say Tillman is unprofessional. You rant every day. What is your list of why so everyone can see. Is it is Morgan, Paopao, the RS sticker thing. You say Tillman lied and backstabbed. How do you know this? Are you Paopao? Are you Morgan? Are you Barrett? Are you Shivers? If not how do you KNOW? Everything anti Tillman you say is FACT.

Interesting here, Sambo, since you challenged me with your little question that I responded to. You get challenged back using the same logic…and your response is what…wait a minute “who cares about that?. Like I told the question is biased and just like to desire to support Tillman, just like my desire to see him become a professional GM.

Actually, no not mental, no not Paopao, no not Morgan, no not Barrett, no not Shivers. I know most of these things because they have been published. In what would be considered reliable sources. The big difference Austin, is there is a small group of individual who will go to the ends of the earth to either try and shut people up or tell them they are not wanted.

In me, they have found someone who won't back down to them. And the more forums they create that will raise the question of the ability of Tillman, the more of an opportunity it gives me to respond. As an example, the other thread had almost died down, so Sambo created a biased poll. Hey as I said when I first posted...thanks for keeping going.

Only mike can consider a simple question "biased"... ever hear of voting no and then qualifying your decision? If anyone has painted themselves into a corner, its you.

ok really, people.....let's try to keep at least one friggin' thread civilized and on-topic.....

This is getting tiresome. If you want to see every thread that remotely drifts off topic locked......keep it up!

Yes on coach and gm. Yes on civilized on topic. Mike is taking all the fun out of a 4 and 2 start. That is my problem.

I am going to do something. You say Tillman lied about Morgan and RS stickers. If he did your are right Mike. He is unprofessional. I am going to call the Darell Davis or Vanstone and ask them to tell us the truth. Make Tillman show the e-mails. Make Tillman show the RS stickers. Put up time. If he has them though Mike will it be shut up time?

Then maybe we can talk football. I and a lot of Riders fans want to enjoy this team this season.

Actually, just so you can understand how the question is biased, it is designed to get a response that you want so that you can claim a victory over.

If, I answer yes: then you can point and say hey look you support Tillman.

If, I answer no: then you can point and say you don't support Austin.

Now as a fair question, would have been multiple support. Do you support: Tillman, or Austin or Austin and Tillman. Then I would not have been afraid to answer you. Because then you could not have twisted my words around.

I say fire Tillman! Well not right now how about we wait until after the season is over. :roll:

Check the dates on the emails....make sure they all occured after the season ended.

Clear as mud! As fan for the oppositional team I wouldd say can Tillman and Austin before they win a Championship. OOPs Turkeynuts I did not mean that!

Actually I wont do that, because I know how you feel about Tillman, if you support Austin, the fine, say so. There is nothing wrong with stating your opinion, but be ready to have others disagree with you.

Well Sambo it seems 100 per cent behind Tillman and Austin. That is great with Shivers and Barrett this poll would be much different now then prior to the season start.

Mike, have you noticed that nobody agrees with you?

no time for a big post, but i wanted a yes and no answer. thus far im pleasently surprised with astin... tillman, not as much, but then again he could've sh!t the bed more so im not [over] complaining.

I agree, this poll would have been much different had I posted it at the start of the year. Most had misgivings about Austin, even I had a little, but was more than willing to give him a chance. The Riders are getting good results so far, and every Rider fan should be happy with that, its a refreshing change from years past-- going back to the last time we hosted a playoff game.

I have to be honest and say that I am a lot more happy with Austin than I thought I would be. But I am honestly not sold on Tillman. I dont know if this is a good reason not to trust him or what have you, but I hate the way he talks... Like if he was talking to me I bet he'd say, "Jonathan, I have tremendous respect for you...." Or if he was talking to Sambo, "Sambo, I have tremendous respect for you...." Or jm02, "jm, I have tremedous respect for you...." Or RW05, "RW05, I have tremendous respect for you...."

Like, give me a break. If you are gonna BS everyone, at least changed up your vocabulary.

j_man! You hit the nail right on the head with the way Tillman talks. I find alot of his talking is just rhetorical BS. That being said, he's a blessing to listen to when you compare him to Roy Shivers, at least Tillman seems to want people to like him and support his decisions. I really have to admit, I was not happy when I found out about the hiring of Kent Austin. I also wasn't happy about the release of Nate Davis, among other things. But it seems that, so far, Eric Tillman was right.

While his talking annoys me, the way I see it is, nobody's perfect. Tillman does seem to be a sincere GM, I support him, and with a little more time, I'll probably find him less annoying.

But then again, if Reggie Hunt and Matt Dominguez are no longer with us next year. I'll probably hate Tillman for a while. But I'd get over it, eventually.