Do you support our GM, coach?

This is a poll just to see where Rider fans stand, and the results will interesting. Its just a yes or no question for all the Rider fans. Do you support Tillman and Austin as GM and coach?


Support Austin, don't support Tillman.

Oh by the way Sambo, forgot to mention, thanks for creating another post for demonstrating how unprofessional Tillman is.

It is interesting, just like in the media, when Tillman was responding to queries two weeks later why he flipped his lid. You create another post which will give us all another venue to discuss his professionalism.

No discussion - just voting yes. Maybe when everyone gets behind them, you two's bickering will stop ... okay, maybe not.

Hey legalbeagle, there is nothing to get behind. While I support the team, I don't think Tillman is a good fit. And until he starts demonstrating something more, I won't change my mind. I don't expect others to change their mind either. But then when they jump off the band wagon, they can look back and see those of us that were off the band wagon in year 1.

Im just doing a poll, it says nothing about his professionalism, all you need to do is vote yes or no, even a simple thing like that is too much for you to grasp. I wonder , did you vote , and what was your answer?

Actually, the question the way is written is biased, and I can't fairly answer it. But then again...something as simple as Support Austin, don't support Tillman, is beyond your ability to comprehend.

Its not biased, either you support them both or you don't. I could have made a third option, but it was desinged to put you on the spot. If you dont support Tillman, how can you support his choice for coach? He was the one who made the hire. So make your choice, either you support them both or you don't. If you dont support Tillman then vote no. You have posted your qualifier, and I dont have a problem with it, other than the question I asked, which I am going to bold.

I was just wondering why somebody would even start a thread like this when everything is goin so far so good? :?

For most of us the bandwagon doesn't even exist.

Well, BGM, mike seems to think that Tillman is not right for the Riders. I am asking other fans if they feel the same way.

You know Sambo you get painted into a corner so you try another way either in an attempt to confuse me or to try a change in direction. Well, we can play that game. Based on the extension of your logic. The GM hires the coach, the coach and GM pick the players and therefore, I should not be able to support the players.

Okay, now working that back, of the current roster of players on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, 70% or better were brought in by Shivers and Barrett, since you didn't support Shivers and Barrett, you shouldn't be supporting their players and therefore you don't support the riders. Oh by the way....Sambo....I thought you are on record of not likely Hopson....and therefore by extension how can you like Tillman....How is that logic...suit your pipe...

But to answer your question, you can support the individuals that make up the collective entity called the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Just like you can disagree with the actions of the individuals who are part of the collective entity without deminishing your overall support. Hope that answers the question.

I never said I hated Hopson, but its just a question, so dont vote if you dont want to, all I am asking if the fans support Tillman and Austin.

So I notice you missed the 70% of the team that was hired by Shivers and Barrett. No comment....but then again your question your logic right.

Who cares about that? Im not asking if you support the players, just if you support the current GM and coach. You are reading too much into the question, it just a simple yes or no. I guess Larry and RW05 are quite correct, its useless to have a debate with you,someone who can't understand the simplest of questions.

GM's always bring in their own players, it just doesn't happen over night. There is no GM in this league that would rid himself of 70% of his team in one year and be able to replace them in time and field a team that looks better than any local high school club.

Hey Sambo, you said to me, I can't support Austin because he was hired by Tillman. I answered your question with your logic. You get painted into your own little corner again and attempt to say it doesn't matter.

I have told you but you don't get it. I can support Austin because he is an individual.

Mike, can you NOT turn this into another "me vs. them" thread yet again?

Get on topic, or get out. This is about the current regime only.

No, I asked how you can support the coach if he was hired by the GM that you have no use for, and oppose just about everything he does. I said you qualified your asnwer, how hard is that to not understand?

Actually, jm02, this was on topic. I answered a question from Sambo using his logic and he refused to acknowledge it. I am sorry if he comes up with examples, where if the logic is extented out ward Sambo gets painted into a corner and can't get out.