do you see printers starting in next weeks game?

what do you think.

Thats tough to say. Even though Casey played a great game. You kinda have to figure out how the rest of the mash unit in the QB Department goes this week.

I think he will, even wally quoted he played good, spectacular, and at some points his rust was coming off, keyword "COMING OFF". he will be a bit more prepared for next game, and its a home game, the fans are on our side, no presedure calls or anything.

He likely will. He played well enough for us to win, our o-line and D didn't help a lot.

if Bucks good to go he will start.

I can't beleive I'm saying this, but I think Printers should start. After what I saw Saturday, I think he gives us the best chance to win - especially considering he seemed to get more comfortable as the game went on and should be even better next game. Buck and Jarious are each going to need a game or so to get back into their rhythm.

Caseys a gunslinger. The way he plays he'll either do real well or he could be really bad. The way he runs around and then hucks it downfield - he could have easily thrown a couple more picks. He kind of scares me.

I've heard mention that Wally has already said that Casey will be starting against Calgary.

Casey is like Jackson...except consistently accurate. Strong arm, runs like hell, and likes the deep ball.

Buck was read to go last game, so im sure he wont be starting. GO LIONS GO! and GO PRINTERS GO! Good luck bud.

No he wasn't

when when i was watching the game, they said buck was ready to go if needed.

Only with a shot maybe - at best he was 70%. He could have been a third qb and only if absolutely needed.

Province printed today that Printers will start!! Seems they think he will bring in more fans..especially on Halloween!! not being a fan of Mr. Printers I don't know about this .... but he is the only healthy one I guess. OH WELL... guess BC might get the crossover..... no home playoff game again this year.

guess BC might get the crossover..... no home playoff game again this year.
Love your confidence in the team. :roll:

BC has a great shot at getting a home field date. If they win both games, they're in. They've been in every game they've played for the last 5 or 6 so they are by no means a long shot for second.

If Calgary and Sask. each go 1-1, BC is third. One of those two teams has to go 0-2 and BC has to go 2-0 for them to finish 2nd. They cannot finish first.

Leofan, are you sure your a fan? have FAITH in the lions. They CAN do it.

YES Geroy.. I am a Lions Fan, and never doubted them all year. I am just not a great believer in Casey Printers, even when he was here.... too much running around in the backfield waiting for someone to get open rather than reading the defence. sort of like when I was a kid and all you did was run around until somone was open.. if not you ran with the ball yourself. Gotta think, 1st down not far from the end zone and he runs all over the place and throws the ball.... why not run it at least once... well maybe that was a JC call not Casey's so maybe I am persecuting the wrong person. (not a JC fan either.)

I sure hope you're right MrBigglesworth. I'd love to see B.C. knock off Calgary this Saturday. But beating both Calgary and Edmonton is not going to be a cake walk. If Calgary did not have 1st place on the line maybe things would be different. Calgary has B.C. in its hip pocket no matter if the game is being played here or in Calgary. If Calgary takes top spot this season Calgary fans could be treated to a royal treat: Both the Western Final AND the Grey Cup! Calgary is healthy. They will play like there is no tomorrow.

With Reid out a key position has a gaping hole unless Valli can rise to the occasion. Not sure what Miles status is.

Mallet is playing with a broken finger, George is out..... and the list goes on. Reynolds for Calgary plays like he is possessed. He will be hard to stop.

I would like to see Printers start again. He has incredible scrambling ability from what I saw last Saturday. He threw for over 300 yards!

Buck has been banged around so many times this season I don't think it is worth the risk putting him in again. I don't know about Jarious. When Jarious is on he can be great. When he is off he can stink the place out.

Leofan, he is running around in the backfield because we were not defending our QB good enough. And even with him running around, he still made amazing long yardage throws, now imagine if we protected him long enough for him to plant 2 feet and throw it, I say casey is an amazing QB, I have always wanted him back on BC. He will lead us to Grey cup, have faith! GO LIONS GO! And Leofan, he waited half a year by the phone, no practicing or nothing, stars in September, gets over 300 yards, and 2 TD'S, that is about how buck players OR even better then he plays and he has been practicing all year. Sometimes buck may not even reach that. But JJ is also a good QB, and if he is healthy, he should be the back up for printers.