Do You run up the score when ahead?

I was just checking the predictions for the upcoming Argo game and noticed that some of them have quite a spread, usually in the Cats favour. One fellow even posted 48-0, no doubt recalling last years butt-kicking and probably with tongue in cheek.

Got me too thinking about running up the score.I know we have accused the Argos of doing just that in the past few years. In all honesty, sometimes they scored without trying, although a few times I think they did it on purpose.

If we have the occassion to really get up on a team what would you do? Would your thoughts change on who we were playing?

Me,I put in the bench but still try to score. I never believed in asking a football player to go out on the field and let up. Points for and Against matter. Way I look at it, if the other team can't stop your backups then that is their problem. Argos, I leave the First String in till the "meat is off the bones" Yours thoughts....

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i would put in my backups against the argos. id run up the score as high as i could. they have done this to use before so if he had the chance and didnt do it wed be stupid

WAAAAAAAAAAA! The other team ran up the score! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

If your up by three touchdowns in the fourth quarter then I would put in some non starters and see how they do. Evaluating talent is best done in a game situation and if your quite well ahead in the game I think a smart coach would take advanatage of the situation.

Yes. It could mean the difference between 2nd and 3rd place.

You ALWAYS run up the score. I've always believed you score as many points as you can. Sig is right (man that was hard to type)it could make a big difference. Sportsmanship is for the handshakes after the game :smiley:

Not sure I like the expression "running up the score." You just keep playing to win, that's all, and once victory is a sure thing, then you try and stay away from showing too many things you don't need to, run more of a vanilla type offence or defence.

There is no such thing as running up the score! First of all should there be a tie in the standings, points scored is the tie breaker!

Second look at the Mtl Ott game last year. Mtl was ahead by 23 points in the 4 quarterand Ott came back and won. Its not over till its over!

Put in the back ups and let them run up the score.

You can never ask a player to let up because that is when injuries will occur. A big lead is a good time to try out different personnel & formations. Head to head points can be a tie brake factor when the situation arises when you play a team 4 times and if each should win twice. Easy to understand if the A*^os have incentive to rub it in a bit on their rivals, or vice versa.


Heck YEAH!!! Show no mercy!! beat them senseless!! Hit them so hard that their great grand kids will be born dizzy!


To me, not trying is even more humiliating than trying with a huge lead. Score as often as possible because total points count in the end with tiebreakers as well.

ya ,run up the score we might need the points in case of a tie in the future.Isnt that what the allmighty Pinball said when he tried to run up the score against us.Its just to bad Rickys knees were still attached after that play.

The fans pay to see a competitive game from start to finish. No matter what the score is and even if the backup players are brought in to play, both teams should continue to play hard every down until the game is over.

two things.

First you owe to it to your fans to continue to excite and entertain them for the full 60 minutes, scoring as much as you can.

Second, you take the opportunity to give backups some playing time, not out of mercy, but for the future good of the team.

Actually, a third point, you tell anyone who starts whining about "running up the score" to take a flying leap.

And that includes mr cherry, whom I otherwise like. At least I used to. Not to sure lately, but thats another topic for another time in another forum.

I agree fully with the above.

If, for instance, you lose a guy like Flick or Ranek due to injury later in the year, you better have his back up netted in with your #1 QB.

Likewise, its plain, the #2 QB's all need game reps. Why exposed your #1 QB to cheap hits in a game thats in the bag already?

Aside from that, yeah, you go full bore!

(Even if this seems to happen to us more than other teams!)

I agree! And when your non-starters go in you let them try just as hard as with your starters. That's what the Argos did last year and of course they were blasted by a lot of Ticat fans.

If my team is losing bad I don't mind the score being "run up" if we still play the other team that year. I think it can be great incentive. At least that's my hope when the Argos play Montreal the next game. :lol:

(Not to say the Don ran the score, heck, if he didn't put Greene in, WE would have been shutout) :lol:

There is a time to let up (and by let up i mean start using backups) and that time isn't a permanently set time.

It is a sliding variable depending on number of points you are up. absolute maximum earliest to start playing your backup QB's to get them reps with ten minutes left in the fourth quarter. and thats with a BIG lead.

the less the lead the less time the backups get.

Win the Ballard Cup = get at least 2 wins and score the most as one can. A playoff spot may hang in that balance.

Oski Wee Wee,