Do you replace Dyce with LaPolice?

LaPolice helped this team get to a number of GCs, Dyce's offense is non-existent for a number of games (8 points in 6 quarters). What would you do?

those players lost control with all those roughing calls

What the Riders need is new recievers, not a new coordinator.

What the Riders need is a WR who does not drop at least a ball every game. Even Dressler has caught the bug

what the riders realy need is a healthy O-line.

:twisted: Protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of God in theirs :twisted:

LaPo is guaranteed 395K to sit on his butt for the next year and a half. Why would he take a job and lose that guaranteed money. Riders would be wiser to move Khari to OC and move Dyce somewhere else in the organization.

I thought the play calling in this game was pretty good overall. A few drops that stalled drives just made it look bad.

I don't want LaPolice back at all. Bob Dyce is still a learning the in's and out's of this team. Its gonna take a bit for things to gel. What a lot of people forget about LaPolice is how IMO it was his fault we lost the grey cup on the 13th man thing. Yea the 13th man thing sucked.. but really on a guy to miss a field goal to win is not a good way anyways!

The real reason we lost that game is because LaPolice is a moron who calls shotgun draws constantly at the wrong times! If he would have called a better offensive game when we were up we would have stayed up would have never would have had to rely on a missed field goal to win. Richie Hall needs to take some of the blame as well because he went into Richie Prevent mode and as we all well know that prevents nothing..

Actually Khari might be a good move to OC.

LaPolice was never this bad. He got us at least to a Grey Cup.
We have a rookie Head Coach. We have an unprovin OC. This isTamblin's fault as well as Chamblin's. We have Quarterback coach who seems to be coaching our quarterback like finished off his own quarterbacking career. We have some success running the ball and suddenly switch to passing, which would be alright if our players could be relied on the pass accurately and catch when it hits their hands.
Our quarterback is struggling and so someone wants to put the Q-back coach as Head coach..never!!
The defence is quite good but is only motivated to play 3 quarters (at least it's now the 1 st quarter not the last one). But when the Head Coach has to chew out the defence, what does that say about his relationship with the DC?
Winnipeg fired their coach and frankly I think they were better coached than our team. Frankly I am getting tired of our continueing to hire Blue Bomber rejects.

Well cliff
I'm glad you are not the only one that is tired of us hiring bomber rejects but Tanman being the moron that he is just signed another one today Jo Lobendahn. The bombers sent him to Calgary where he couldn't make the lineup so of course Taman had to sign him. All in one week he signed Hargreaves (former bomber who couldn't make the Esk's lineup) now Lobendahn! Now that Tanman is in full control he is going leave this team in a mess like he did with the bombers!!!! Speaking with a bunch of bombers fans that I know they said Tanman was by far the worst gm in their history and they were all to happy to hand him over to the Riders.

Well said!! :thup:

First get your facts straight. I see no mention of making the QB coach to Head Coach. The suggestion is QB to OC! Dave Dickenson like Khari Jones, both proven QBs in this league with a ton of experience. Why do you think Dyce is better then Khari? Funny Crandell seems to be doing better then Dyce as an OC. Khari strikes me as smarter then Crandel (IMHO).

Second, after the chew out, the D gave up 3 points for the rest of the game (3+ quarters). Quite a good reaction I'd say and one that was well deserved. Chamblin is on the field, Hall is up in the box.... He can't leave the box during play. For all we know they both talked about chewing out the D over the radio. Either way I like what Chamblin did chewing out the D. Doesn't mean anything in terms of his relationship with Hall. Even the players say they have the right schemes, it's the players screwing them up. So the players may not respect Hall, that's about as far as my crystal ball logic can take me.

I too get tired of airlifting in Ex-bomber players but then again our record is better then The Bombers. Let's face it on Defence the bombers have been one of the best over the last few years. Getting DBs or secondary from them ain't all that bad if they can still play. Where did LaBatte come from (yes he's Oline). Also we have alot of new players who are not from the bombers.

I just don't see alot out of Dyce lately.

I actually have to give my Labour Day offensive game ball to Dyce. He made some great game plan adjustments utilizing the TEs in pass protection early in the game. They also had guys like Taj Smith pulling inside and some choreographed backfield blocking with Sheets. Bombers were not ready for it at all and the extra time that Durant had early in the game allowed him to complete some big plays, something that they haven't been able to do in almost a month.

The offensive numbers were hardly gaudy, I mean really this game was won in special teams, but it was the offense early that got the 10 point cushion. Dyce adapted the scheme quite beautifully this week and I think he deserves the kudos.

I'd get rid of Hall before Dyce. Though I might consider letting Khari Jones call plays for a few series if the Riders struggle on O. Hey, if you can play a backup player and sit the starter to send a message, why not do the same with a coordinator from time to time?

Let's face it, after a coaching chance the new coach wins his first game 40% of the time. Add on this fact that some players liked LaPo and that the team was running gassers all week (and they did look gassed :o ) the score flatters the Riders. If this was BC different story.

Voters say to keep Dyce until next year at least.

I was going to post pretty much the same thing. From the opening pass, it was a quick hitter inside...i have been upset about the lack of inside passes and quick hitters all season, so to see both I was rather happy. They also passed over the middle a bit more, and that was great to see as well. Also, they moved Dressler inside a couple times...something that they have not been doing the past few games, and that played havoc on the secondary. Still not much for outside runs, but he was at least calling play action to it. I loved the double TE when pressure was mounting. Furthermore, there were attempts at integrating the FB, which I was impressed with.

Joe Mack is the worst GM!